Lessons learnt from study of wars and warfare methods

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Over ages, different strategies(and non-strategies) have been adopted in wars and battles. A brief on some of these.

What strategies the commanders adopt in the battles

Since last few months, I have read through and written about a number of+battles and+wars, including war movies reviews here on Wikinut as well as elsewhere.
Consciously or unconsciously, I have learnt a bit about warfare methods and strategies adopted by different
warring groups, or nations on the battlefront. A disclaimer: These are not a final word, nor a specialist list, but based out of a personal assessment:

1)Breakthrough front- This refers to a rapid attack, often with an army or a paratrooper attack, backed by close air attack support. This was used by Germany in Second world war and was called blitzkrieg, and subsequently used in wars after WWII also. At times, these have total success. At other times, if the execution was faulty, an initial advantage gives way to overall failure or unacceptable losses.

2)Battle of Attrition- In many of the WWI battles, and afterwards, at times, fighting groups were being inflicted heavy losses by the enemy at some fronts, like in the Battle of Verdun, where German armies were proving quite tough for French forces. In such cases, a new battle front is opened elsewhere to divide enemy strength and put enemy under pressure. The strategy works mostly, but the planning and execution are the key. At times, faulty planned operations are also called as battle of attrition to cover up things.

3)The Final assault- In case, most of the enemy strongholds are penetrated with a good success, a final phase involves motivating teams to lead a battle to end the overall war. Again, success depends upon planning, and how much capability has enemy left in case of the defenses.


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11th Dec 2013 (#)

waiting to read more from you. Nice post by the way.

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12th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice post

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12th Dec 2013 (#)

Jhon and Fern

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12th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice posts, thanks for sharing!

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13th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks Legend.

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14th Dec 2013 (#)

Good read. Thanks.

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15th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks Kingwell.

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