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I am not a poet, but sometimes I feel like expressing myself poetically :) Forgive me any technical errors.

I have always been told to be practical, and how Alice-Like I am, and how I miss noticing simple things because I am too busy dreaming. Well...

World of Dreams

I am amazed by the ability of people to notice small things to the minut-est details. More so because, noticing everything is an act I find extremely difficult to enact.
Since my childhood I have often heard that I have the attention span of "Alice"; you know her, right? She's the pretty girl with her wonderland. And I will not deny that since the time I read about her, I have felt a sisterly bond with her. I can perfectly justify her for being so engrossed in a land of dreams, there can be nothing more soothing than going on a trip to your very own wonderland.
Yet, with many reminders given to me from well meaning friends and relations, I once or twice did try a lot to get very practical and loose this habit of daydreaming, soon to discover its not something I enjoy.

Here's what I felt like saying

I win one game, and loose myself,

In dreams of a winning spree.

I set an aim, and hours fly

in a joyous future’s reverie.

Oh! curse the web of worldly ties,

that knocks me out of fantasies.

How much stronger than iron chains,

they bind me to realities.

Leave me to dream my life away,

I so much love my privacy.

Where is the harm in going astray?

Let me be, just, let me be!

But Ofcourse

Falling too much in love with your wonderland will cost you in this mortal world. So one must find balance...like yin-yang..we all have a dreamer and a practical person inside us, but we must find balance.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
5th Jan 2014 (#)

Good morning, Pollyal; nicely capturing the desire to stay in fantasies versus the sometimes difficult realities. I do not know if losing ourselves in our heads is particular to writers, however, maybe our fantasies are just better described :) ~Marilyn

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author avatar Pollyal
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Happy you liked it..Thanks Marilyn :)

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author avatar Harish jallipalli
7th Jan 2014 (#)

There is not 'like' button here :( .. Super like :)

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author avatar Pollyal
4th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Harish :)

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author avatar n.c.radomes
11th Apr 2014 (#)

Good and educational poem. Keep up!

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author avatar Pollyal
4th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks n.c.randomes :)

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