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Shrugging it off, since it wasn't the first time it had happened, Liz set up a waffle iron to make breakfast by the time Patty and Kid arrived. She smiled fondly as she cooked to each of her partners' preferences, with big, fluffy waffles for her sister and smaller, perfectly round ones for her master.

Let Me Help

"Hey, Kid! You down here, yet?" Liz yelled on her way down the stairs. Since her alarm had gone off, she knew her master was already awake. He always woke up at the same time, every morning without fail, and usually greeted her in the dining room when she would finally drag herself downstairs. However, it seemed today was going to be a little different as she worked her way through the kitchen with no sign of Kid whatsoever.

Shrugging it off, since it wasn't the first time it had happened, Liz set up a waffle iron to make breakfast by the time Patty and Kid arrived. She smiled fondly as she cooked to each of her partners' preferences, with big, fluffy waffles for her sister and smaller, perfectly round ones for her master. Liz couldn't say she minded adjusting breakfast for everyone's tastes; in her mind, it was a wonderful way of showing how much she cared about them.

"Guys! Breakfast's ready!" she called, the sound echoing clearly around the flat surfaces of the mansion. In response, she heard Patty's bounding steps from the stairs only moments before her sister rounded the corner of the dining room. "Good morning, Patty."

"Morning, big Sis! These waffles look great~!" she replied happily, digging into the three-waffle-high stack in front of her. Taking a huge bite, she uttered a muffled "thanks," before stopping at Liz's expression. "What's wrong?"

Liz's cheerful appearance at Patty's arrival had faded into a look of worry, but she shook it away. "Nothing much. It's just that Kid is never late to breakfast. Maybe he just decided to relax a little longer this morning…" she said, brushing it off. As Patty finished her second waffle, though, she changed her mind. Walking out of the door, she muttered, "I'm going to check on him…" Patty just shrugged, letting her sister find the source of his mysterious disappearance.

Liz tried not to panic, telling herself over and over again that Kid wasn't kidnapped again, that no one had stolen him away during the night or hurt him in any way. She peered into his bedroom first, noticing it was empty, but the bed had been perfectly made and some light was also filtering through from under the attached bathroom's door. Feeling relieved, she marched over to the door, prepared to tell him to get his breakfast.

"Kid?" she tried. There was no response. Placing her ear to the wall, she could barely make out the sound of movement, along with a strange hissing noise. It wasn't like a snake's, so she dismissed that it could possibly be Medusa, but it sounded almost like gas being released...'Is someone trying to poison Kid?!' she thought frantically, all rational thought shoved to the side as she grasped the door handle and burst into the room.

She hastily started scanning the floor to see if he had possibly passed out. Not seeing him there, she shifted her gaze all around the bathroom, only to find her master staring at her reflection in his mirror with wide, almost humiliated eyes and a red tint to his skin.

Taking in the entire situation, Liz politely looked away, a bright blush coloring her cheeks. Kid was standing in front of the mirror, his jacket and dress shirt removed with a can of what appeared to be hairspray in his right hand. "S-sorry, Kid!" she stuttered, her mind refusing to let her forget the image she had just seen. 'When exactly did he grow up…?' she wondered, suddenly recognizing him as a much different person than simply the young teenager she used to know who had taken her from the streets.

For a few moments, the two stood in an awkward silence, neither sure what to say. After a while, she took a few deep breaths before composing herself and turning back to his reflection. "Um…what were you doing?" she asked slowly, curious as to why he seemed more embarrassed about the situation than she did.

Kid glanced away from her, staring determinedly at the floor as he answered. "I was just being childish, that's all." From the angle he had presented her, she finally caught sight of an incomplete white stripe on the right side of his hair. She took a closer look at the aerosol can, realizing it was also white.

"Oh…I see," she whispered, understanding what he had been trying to do.

Her master smiled grimly at her soft comment. "I thought maybe it could work in reverse. Instead of dying it all black, I felt simply layering on the white stripes would be acceptable. I wanted to see what I would look like as a perfect Shinigami," he replied just as quietly, the familiar, dejected tone weighing down his words. "But, my body still rejects it as a toxin, and I can't apply it quickly enough to-What are you doing?"

Because he wasn't watching Liz behind him, he failed to notice her moving closer in order to grab the can from him. Placing her hand on his bare shoulder to spin him around, she gently shook the spray. "I'm helping you. Now close your eyes…"

"Liz, I-!" he objected, the comment only serving to make him open his eyes even more to stare at her in shock. He flushed again as she smiled kindly at him. "You don't…shouldn't have to do this."

"It's alright. I want to," she reassured him, embarrassing the young Shinigami further. When he finally shut his eyes and swayed without his vision, she held his shoulder firmly and began to spray. With her tight grip on him, she felt him trembling, either from anticipation or having his personal space invaded so drastically. She wasn't sure which it was.

Of course, she couldn't deny being in just as bad of shape. It wasn't often she had been so close to her meister, and she was mortified to find herself thinking about the young man in ways much more familiar than just a weapon and meister pair. She fought the rising blush, knowing she didn't need to make the situation any more awkward for them than it already was.

She worked quickly, for both his and her own sake, making sure the lines wouldn't fade before she finished and trying to keep herself busy and away from her thoughts. Turning him around again, she lightly tipped his head forward before finishing the connecting lines on the back. "Okay, you can look now."

Embarrassment completely forgotten, Kid snapped his eyes open, gawking when he saw his completed reflection. Tilting his head down just enough to see the connected stripes in back, he closed his mouth and gave a pleased grin, staring until the first line Liz had completed began to dissolve. In response, his expression fell into a sad, but satisfied, soft smile. The weapon watched with him until the third stripe started disappearing.

"I think I'll go heat up your breakfast again, okay, Kid?" she asked hesitantly.

Without looking away, he replied, "Yes…that's fine." Waiting a few seconds longer, Liz made for the door. "Wait, Liz?" he called, stopping her. She turned to see him staring at her through the mirror.

"What is it?"

"Thank you," he said, gratitude and kindness infusing his voice.

She smiled back at him. "You're very welcome." As he returned to watching his last stripe fade, she escaped the bathroom, pausing only momentarily as she heard a quiet sigh. She echoed it before continuing down to the kitchen, knowing that while things wouldn't necessarily be all that different between them, they certainly wouldn't ever be the same…


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