Let Nature Be Your Teacher

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein.

Wisdom of Nature

Do you believe in miracles? I believe. I come across them in my daily life – each moment I open my eyes in the morning, all day long till I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Miracles are all around. Can we see it?

Isn’t the rising sun miraculous? Isn’t the blowing wind miraculous? Isn’t our own heart beat blessing precious gift from God? Sure, they are!

But how many of us take time to stop for a while and think about those miraculous gifts which we possess without charge or cost? Only few of us do.

I love to stand at my window and contemplate the limitless sky with clouds floating across it to their destination.

They are so calm and peaceful. They teach me that life is not struggle at all. Life is wonderful, eternal journey; and God always directs my steps throughout my life without any efforts from my part.

Like clouds we should learn to trust Him so He can lead us to the wonderful places where we have never been before; to the places which has been beyond our expectations.

Every time I face some difficulty and have some problem to be solved, I watch the clouds and ask myself, ’’Will they reach their goal? Will they arrive at the place they are travelling to? ’’Yes, they are! And they know it!”

All they should do is to relax and trust the Supreme Power to deliver them to the goal.

I love clouds. I love to watch their voyaging in the sky in a relaxed manner as they sure that Invisible Hand of the Universe is guiding them in the right direction. They know there is no wrong direction for the Almighty.

Not only clouds but the whole Universe absolutely trusts the Higher Power; and we should do the same if we want to arrive.

Then let’s look at clouds. Let’s learn the secret of attainment from them. Let’s use those secrets in our life… And miracles happen.


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author avatar Zhalya Abiyeva
I am a teacher, translator.
I am a spiritual mentor.
I am a poetrywriter.
I am a wisdom provider.

Life is a road; I'm a rider.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
25th Aug 2013 (#)

Too many people spend their time indoors, at work or at home or in shopping malls. The true gift of life is experienced only when we go outside.

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author avatar Zhalya Abiyeva
26th Aug 2013 (#)

I agree with you, Mark. When we stay close to nature we feel peaceful, inspired and hopeful. We feel that all things are possible for us. Nature is the best healer for humans. Thank you ever so much for your inspiring comments, Mark.

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author avatar Zola
1st Sep 2013 (#)

Nature is a great teacher and a source of inspiration. It deserves our love and protection. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Zhalya Abiyeva
1st Sep 2013 (#)

Just so, Zola! Thank you for your precious opinion. Nice to see you here.

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author avatar iwriter_sourav
3rd Sep 2013 (#)

Nature makes us happy in the sorrows. It refreshes our mind and relieve the stress.

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author avatar Zhalya Abiyeva
28th Sep 2013 (#)

Absolutely! Nature heals our souls and bodies. Thank you for your precious comment.

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