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You like a little rap,
Alright lets clap,
Give it a slap,
O wait, snap.

There was this thing,
I wanted to bring.
So lets give it a swing,
And let this story begin!

So here we go

Generations long,
Fallen by supremacy,
A memory forgotten,
Craving, to reunite.

Scared of what is going on,
I try to get at ease,
Full of mixed feelings,
Looking, for inner peace.

But I can’t stop thinking,
The Fury inside,
The Cries from the heart,
The Beauty destroyed.

Surrounded by greed,
Made by our wealth,
Woo we value so much,
Knowledge been bend,

Minds being shaped,
By a force so strong,
Refused by the idea,
Ignorance, is upon.

When will this end?
When will we see?
I will support in this battle.
Spreading out to grow,

Letting my mind flow,
Focused on my show,
Reaching out to blow,
I am ready to go!

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author avatar Droucil
I write poetry about life, veracity and perspectives.

Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown.
Hard to see, what they see.
Rather left hidden, then to be known.

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