Let's play David Pawson says! Genesis is factual!

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Religious writers have so much to say about the things they cannot see, and have no holding back telling others what to believe. So what does the writer David Pawson say? He says believe the inaccuracies, from the looks of it.

Let's play David Pawson says! Genesis is factual!

This morning Mother and I are getting ready all the ingredients for a pancake baking scene. This is part of the series of children's films we are currently shooting in Studio C called "Whiskers and Flappy". Looks like it's going to be a great scene!

After our filmmaking session is over, as usual we go to the West Wing to have breakfast with Father, who also returns around 9:30 in the morning from his aeroplane factory.

Usually while Mother is getting ready for her job as a real estate sales lady and Father is getting breakfast ready, I sit in their seating area reading a magazine or a book.

Now some time ago, Father and Mother went on a short vacation and there they found another couple they had a good time with. They also talked about religion and this couple suggested they get me the book "UNLOCKING THE BIBLE - A unique overview of the whole Bible" by David Pawson. So they did.

Now I'm trying to read a bit from it every morning whilst waiting for breakfast to be ready.

I love to discover the ancient world and what was significant back then. That's a subject I got hooked to when I was researching where religion comes from.

But unfortunately, this book "Unlocking the Bible" is not going to be read by me for long, judging only from the first few chapters. The author clearly had preconceived conclusions that he wanted to get to by doing this research work or whatever this is, instead of first doing the research and then basing his conclusions on his findings afterwards.

Let's take an example from his book. He says early on: "If Genesis is not true, neither is the rest of the Bible".

Sad statement to build the rest of one's work on, but if this was his message, it would have been somewhat logical and understandable, provided his conclusion then was basically "Sorry folks, the bible and our Christian beliefs are a lie!" Instead, he says that and then use the quite scientifically inaccurate Genesis as some kind of proof that the rest of the bible is true. Huh?

Personally I believe it's not a white or black situation; some parts described in Genesis refer to actual facts but the way the book is interpreted in the Bible, is a corrupted version to fit in with the monotheistic "God of the Covenant of Israel" version.

However, here follows his conclusions, heck knows how he gets this:

If we do not accept that Genesis is true, it follows that we cannot rely on the rest of the bible. As we have already noted, so much of the Bible builds on the foundational truth in Genesis. If Genesis is not true, then "chance" is our creator and brute beasts are our ancestors. It is not surprising that this book has been more under attack than any other book in the entire Bible.

There are two prongs to the attack: one is scientific ... For now we merely need to note the claim that many of the details included in the early chapters do not square with modern science - details such as the age of the earth, the origin of man, the extent of the Flood and the age of people before and after the Flood.

Now, following that, here's his "explanation" of why science, the evil beast that science is, keeps proving Genesis' creation story factually inaccurate:

Behind the scientific attack, however, it is possible to discern a satanic attack. The devil hates most of the two books in the Bible which describe his entrance and his undignified exit: Genesis and Revelation."

Sigh. I'm afraid it's commonly accepted nowadays that the world was NOT made in seven days and that creation of everything did not quite happen the way it is described in the book of Genesis.

So....... how can David Pawson decide that Genesis must be taken as true fact, and then use that as a basis for his work?

I don't think science do their research just out of spite to show religion pushers "haa haa, you're wrong!". However, it does appear religious people like this are becoming the enemies of science and reasoning.

So now according to Pawson, we HAVE TO pretend Genesis in its inaccuracies are the truth, just because?? Otherwise his "religion" doesn't work out?

My own observation would be that if what we see in reality doesn't correspond to any religious book, it's not reality or the study thereof that is wrong but the religious book OF COURSE.

So, you can understand why this book "Unlocking the Bible" by David Pawson is getting tough to read any further than the first few pages. Preprogrammed sentiment seems to be the basis of David Pawson's work.

But whatever. I don't really care who chooses to believe what, as long as they don't get too insane.

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