Let us change our habit a bit ,to save trees

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Most of us start the day with news paper reading. It is a habit and not an inevitability.If we can switch over to e-paper, then we can save trees, energy and money.

Morning habit

Most of us are having the habit of starting our daily activity by reading the news paper. In fact, there will be a competition in the morning among the family members to read the paper first. So, the value of the news paper will be very high in the morning. But, after all of us read it, that day’s newspaper is almost a waste. Even if it is recycled, it will not be like the original paper. Recycled paper can be use only for making covers etc.
In a country like India alone about 400 million tonnes of Paper is used every day for News paper printing. Nearly five times that i.e. 2000 million tonnes of wood pulp or tree is destroyed. Now imagine about the whole world! It is nearly 10 times this or even more. This is leading to increase in pollution and global warming

paper paper ,waste paper!

So In this direction, as a first step let us start our monthly e-magazine. In America many of the paper manufacturing industries are closing down because most of the Americans are now reading news and magazines from the internet
We can also do many other things like chat. Mail, conference see movies download use full materials and images. We can read it on line using a computer


We can download the magazine and read it whenever we are free .We can also read it in web -enabled mobile with out even a computer!
The magazine will be there in the web and our friends and relatives who are not residing in our layout or in our country can also read it.
Digital writing and reading pad is available
At about $100 to $200depending upon the quality.
We can easily write in it with stylus and it can store about 5000 pages. It can store photos etc we can easily transfer data from digital pad to a computer and vise versa we can also make CD and give it to our friends.

e- news papers

For a little higher cost, e-news paper is also available. It will be of the size of one full sheet of paper.We can change pages by clicking next/previous button.We can even directly go to the desired page.On of the biggest advantage compared to the conventional news paper is that such a paper can play audio and video also! .We can even store the data in a pen drive via a laptop. Only initial cost is a problem, as there is no running cost.

e-school book

From school level we can modify the paper concept. In some advanced countries , it has already been tried. Instead of carrying lots of books, school children can easily carry one e-book. It enables them to write notes in hand written form and save them, read already stored e- text books, see educational video,and many many things!
So,let us change our habit a bit, to save energy, trees and money!


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
21st Jul 2012 (#)

People think a lot more about change than they are generally willing to engage in it ...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
14th May 2014 (#)

Outstanding ideas....!

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