Let your secret revealed.

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Choose what do you prefer, revealing a secret and be real, or keeping a secret and be a pretender!

Judgmental society

Some people are too afraid facing reality that they tried to keep secrets about their real identity. A simple example is when someone fell in love to a girl, who’s status in life belongs to a higher level in the society that we are living in, the guy now pretends to be of the same level or even higher than the girl’s status to woo and impress the girl he loves. This is one reality that widely happens in different situation and instances. Some secrets are in deeper manner and even shocking once it is revealed.

Like, when a young naïve looking teenage girl suddenly her belly swells due to pregnancy that will surely give a shock not only to her parents, but also to the society. Fine, why care about the society’s judgmental eyes or those so-called moralists who are even great pretenders and might me more immoral/s.

The point here, is, why keep a secret when it will surely comes out in revelation sooner or later. Why hide something with yourself alone and suffer the burden or secrecy?

Why not seek someone whom you can trust and share what’s bothering you. Maybe this person won’t be able to help you or give you instant solution, but having someone to talk with and someone who listens will surely give you some ease and peace.

Be real;

A secret won’t be a secret anymore once you shared it anyone. So, once you have it revealed to your trusted friend or beloved, it’s not a secret anymore. Never let yourself carry the burden of keeping a secret, and once a secret was kept and you keep adding more secret/s, sooner or later it will overflow, and like a water it will find it’s way out.

You will never know, you, yourself will soon be drowned from your secrets and you will never want to come out from the real world due to humiliation. Or, you will become a big pretender and a hypocrite. You should never let this happen, everyone has their own secret/s or skeleton in the closet, you are not alone.

So, why feel ashamed?

Be yourself, and live in a real world. Pretender’s lives in hypocrisy that they build a world of their own, which they believed is a real one.


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21st Sep 2011 (#)

Clarity is what makes you who you and what you are and if there is a problem that has been created in your life, trace out the direction of the problem and find out the single most common element which is usually ourselves and make the changes that are required to make you a better person.
Mistakes take place but we are no one to judge you for it. But its human nature due to inherent brainwashing to be judgemental.
In a perfect world, all mistakes are overlooked but in reality, the world around you observes and passes crticial judgement. Always better to be within the green light to avoid that judgement. People spin stories but if you are clear, it doesnot affect you...
Take Care, the child is never at fault remember that, its how their parents bring them up that impacts their future... You are special, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!! :-)

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author avatar juny
25th Sep 2011 (#)

Thank a lot for views Aiyanna and have a good day :)

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author avatar Delicia Powers
24th Sep 2011 (#)

Very wise advice oballesansano

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author avatar juny
25th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks again ma'm Delicia and have a good day :)

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author avatar Shreeja
26th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks for sharing your advice :)

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