Letting Go in Autumns Grace

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A Narrative based on actual events, during a time of transition in mine and my friends life.

Lift the Clouds that Have Stolen the Sun From Her Face

Amidst the trees we walk, following a well trodden path that winds itself, breaking up large groves of trees, fern and fallen logs from seeming too immense.
She follows the ground with her eyes. Heavy, like her heart, she is unable to bring them up from the gravel. Mine dart from side to side pleading with the trees to do as I had promised her… to lift the clouds that have stolen the sun from her face, the shine from her eyes.
Like unforgiving sentinels, they seem to do nothing but carry their whispers across with the autumn winds…. Perhaps a plea for my cause has been carried away with it?
Care for this woman as I do, let the cold bite of the air transform only for her, and enraptured her with the warmth of healing. Let her breath in the scent of acceptance that will capture the mood of a coming home after a long years war fought and won. That it might have her stand poised with dignity and courage with new found wisdom fraught from dark secrets like water rung from a dirty cloth and bodily wounds healed through spiritual self-immolation, as such is the phoenix flight.

The Value of the Simple Things Scattered Amongst the Drama of Life

I rustle through my coat pocket looking to grab another peanut for the ballsy squirrels who call this wood home. I brought them more as pawns to save my skin from being climbed up like the trees in which they frolic, rather than simple kindness, but it also serves the purpose of providing a bit of levity to the energy surrounding my friend. I laughed and smile at the way they frantically yet delicately paw through, devouring the nuts. Looking to her to see if I might pick up the sense she too sees the value of the simple things scattered amongst the drama of life.
She smiles, but more on my behalf, getting more of a kick out of my child-like behavior as I now twirl through a murder of crows pulling up from the ground and making for the sky with the remaining peanuts I just showered down upon them.

Life Shines Brightly Against the Unslaught of Winter's Death

Leaving the nuts and levity behind, we cross a small, wooden bridge cast over a small cold pond, owned by Mallards and frogs. We continue our wooded walk, and our search for a break in the clouds.
Amidst such hope amongst the barren Autumn grey and green, we come across a forest grove. A small, bright distinction in contrast to the other acres of wood. Bowing black branches with leaves of bright yellow and gold, some reaching up to the sky and others drooping down to the ground. A reminder that even amongst endings, life shines brightly against the onslaught of Winter's death, and the ferns that carpet the grove hold dignified to their beauty and strength in spite of their infrequent rapture of the Sun’s warmth and life’s light.

Hold fast my friend, hold true, for the forest holds to metaphors that for us, against life’s tyranny, inward strength this nature can imbue.


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author avatar Chrystal J
Mama to three, and Wiccan High Priestess. I write partially for a living and for fun. Short, descriptive verse, children's stories and spiritual non-fiction are my writing focuses.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Dec 2014 (#)

Powerful message and written with deep feelings. We can find peace only in the simplicity of nature - siva

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author avatar Chrystal J
6th Dec 2014 (#)

Thank you Siva, I agree..... peace eludes us the more we complicate its nature.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
6th Dec 2014 (#)

Fine post.

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author avatar Chrystal J
10th Dec 2014 (#)

Thank you

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