Letting Rejection Revive and Renew You

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When rejection comes, the feelings you have might be a blow to your ego, but it can actually be a blessing. Rejection makes you, yourself, have to review your own work. As a writer we are more critical of our own work and may find mistakes even an Editor can miss!

Keeping Your Ego In Check In Order To Be A More Proficent Writer.

Their it was, in my inbox, page rejected. I thought about that for a moment, I had already had two pages published the first time I presented them. So here was my first rejection. But a funny thing happened instead of an emotional downward spiral, my heart just said let's fix this!I looked at the page and realized I myself should have caught the major errors that stood out so blatantly. The other pages I wrote were journal entries and because I have kept a Journal for 38 years I felt more at home in that venue than the venue I had been rejected in.

Politics. I have a very opinionated outlook on politics in America. And my passion overtook my spelling and grammar. Passion is always such a good motivator for a piece of writing but from my experience I see how blind it can make you be to errors.

For years I would not publish anything at all because I thought people would steal my words and claim them as their own! That possibility truly stunted my growth as a writer. But I found Wikinut and it has guaranteed me the rights to my words will only be shared by Wikinut but in MY NAME. So this guaranteed my work would be known under my name. This in itself, let me run with the words just flowing from hand to screen,

. Sometimes, as with all literary creations I felt complacent that my skills as a writer were sharp enough that I did not need to go back and review my work. This attitude, actually led me to make mistakes that could have avoided if I just put my ego in check, I also needed to understand even though I hold myself in high esteem, that I am indeed, fallible and should check my work.

Even though spell check let's me have more freedom I can still misspell words, it is, too easy to get in the mindset of your work being Monitored for spelling and make mistakes with word's that have the correct spelling but a different meaning in the English Language. Words such as...two, to, too and others like, their, there, and they're While spell check will let these words go by as being correctly spelled, they will not check the context in which they were written. Small errors like that, are so easily made when thoughts are flying from your mind.and wrapped in passion. Little words can be typed in using them in the wrong context very easily,. (I just had to fix an error between "to" and "too"),

Content is important as well.You want your reader to focus on the main premise that you began writing the piece to address. With my own work i have found that I seem to have too many run on sentences. Most likely because sometimes I get so excited that thoughts continuously flow, they keep running on in my mind. I tend to write the continued flowing pattern instead of using correct sentence structure. With myself, content can be hard to range in, due to the fact I'm filled with so many unwritten words from years of "writing in my head" What I try to do with my run on sentences when they are caught by myself or the Moderator, is to go back and read them as if the piece I wrote was a speech I was giving. This enables me to realize I'm in a run on sentence because trying to speak it out loud I actually pause where pauses and stops should be. That directs me to go back look at the sentence structure, and make needed changes. At times when I am restructuring a sentence I find I have to be very careful not to change the content to going in a new direction.

Content most importantly should hold the readers attention. it is best if your theme does not vary from subject to subject and leave the reader feeling they have pieces of information about different things, but not about the subject you originally started with.

These different areas I have mentioned are exactly why my political piece was rejected. When it was rejected some blatant mistakes were pointed out to me to redo. But as I reread the piece that I had to review and rewrite, I noticed a major lack of attention to spelling.The correct use of a words in context, and run on sentences seemed frequent.. Those two areas, grammar and spelling context,seemed to be where I erred the most frequently.

Writing any piece of work, whether it's in my journal or in another venue, I seem to glow when I write. I feel happier and more content with myself when I write a piece that is accepted and published. But my first rejection didn't devastate me, due to the fact I want to write well enough to be a "top of the line" freelance writer. If a moderator finds fault with a piece I have submitted, then it's not good enough for me either! I want my work to be held at a high standard because I try to hold myself at that same standard. When my piece came back rejected I could see automatically why a moderator rejected that piece of work! If I had proof read it, then I would have never submitted it to be published in the first place. I reviewed and fixed the blatant mistakes sent it to be published and then overnight re-wrote that piece in my mind until I liked everything about it. The next morning I was happy to see the moderator hadn't reviewed it yet and went back and edited it yet another time. That second draft after my rejection, was the draft that was published. By waiting and going back to the piece with "fresh eyes" I had most certainly saved myself another rejection

Use the preview option and it will turn your draft into what looks to be a newspaper or magazine article. As a writer I am constantly critiquing others work. While in the preview mode I can look at the piece in a detached frame of mind and I find mistakes more easily than if I'm scrolling through the content. My political piece was a disaster in grammar and spelling (especially in using words in the write context), but I was determined to publish that piece because I felt such passion about the subject!

I have loved the written word all of my life. I have been writing and critiquing my own work for years, but I was so afraid of rejection that I would not submit anything to be published. A year ago, I began writing my book, and when I started out I critiqued my own work. But I wanted ti to be able to be published without too many revisions so I hired an independent editor and had her also critique the work. Through that process of writing my book a change took place in me. My book, was hailed by many professional people, in my social circle, as a clear work of art. Thrilling, riveting, thought-provoking and a myriad of emotions and feelings. As the book came to life so did I. When it was finished I was very happy with it. It is a memoir that is about tragedies that have happened in my life. When I closed the book that one last time, I knew it MUST be read. So my fears of someone reading it and rejecting it, lessened, Just due to the fact that the booked begged to be read, to tell the world how tragedies at a young age can be overcome even later in life. I want everyone to read this book, so much so, sending it out for publication,and being rejected started to mean even if I had to do revisions it would be worth the risk of rejection just to share it with the world. The book has been locked away in a file and left until the right moment for release. When editors read the book they will definitely feel a change in their heart. The book is that moving. Now I feel if they reject it on any grounds at least my words were read by that person and maybe it touched their lives forever.

FEAR NOT REJECTION! It is how we hone our skills and how we become stronger writers. I hope this piece of my work has helped to direct and inspire you! Keep writing! I am new to the world of being a published writer. I don't know everything that could help someone as new as myself become a better writer, I am sharing these tips, I have written here because they actually worked towards the publication of a rejected article,


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