Lie ins, Strawberry deserts and Caterpillars!

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Just another day for me I guess with a few surprises thrown in!

10 in the morning...

For the first time in ages I woke up in Lee's arms, he'd been given the day off from work so he could have a break before starting all his early shifts. For anyone wondering he never got fired, barely even got into trouble really. More or less a slap on the wrists. So that was good news to hear! :-)

So yeah, got up and did the usual stuff. And lunch came round...Lee told me and his little brother Jack that he would cook us lunch, but we weren't allowed in the kitchen while he was making it...for me he came up with the all extravagant beans on toast, and for Jack he gave him the all amazing cheese toastie! ;-) But the lunch wasn't the bit he wanted to keep a surprise, when he came through next, he brought with him strawberries dipped in chocolate and put into cream. I can tell you it was so nice! Neither of us expected him to do that either, so it was a good surprise.

6 in the evening....

Not much really happened during the day, and of course the time rolled round again and I had to go to work.
Again for anyone who doesn't know yet I work as a waitress in a small pub. Doesn't sound to glamorous but it's the best job I've been in so far. And my past jobs have involved working as a saturday girl in the hairdresser's and then working in a baked potato shop. Both times I was the youngest and no one cared to have me there, I was always in the way. For the first time I actually fit in somewhere, and it's great! The work is excellent, i get to talk to some great people...however I'm still clumsy and I do tend to drop the occasional knife...

We had a bit of a funny incident later on in the evening though. Me and the owner were just clearing up some tables and preparing them for breakfast and a woman popped her head through the door looking really sick. The owner asked if she was okay and she replied,
"There's a caterpillar in my salad!"
Now the owner was really sweet and apologised loads to the woman, took her plate away and then came back and offered her another meal if she would have one. But the woman sat there with her hand over her mouth saying that she felt really sick and had now lost her appetite. Honestly I couldn't believe the way a grown woman was handling seeing a caterpillar that was barely 2 cm! If it had been me, I'd have given them the salad back and ordered another. I wouldn't have sat there overreacting. But then again that's me, not everyone acts the same I guess. ^^

So yeah, all in all I've had another great day. Stayed at home with my loving fiance, and then off to work to have fun!

Night guys! xx


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12th Jul 2010 (#)

Interesting post. I'm having so much fun reading it.

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13th Jul 2010 (#)

very good post.

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13th Jul 2010 (#)

very nice article and language

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