Lies, Lies, Lies!

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A list of some of the more recent lies fed to the American people. Quotes by the prevaricators.

I'm fed up with being lied to.

Old truism: The bigger the lie, told often enough, will eventually be believed by the majority of the people. The German dictator, Adolf Hitler, was its most cynical practitioner. He attributed this to the goodness of most people, as they would be ashamed to tell big lies themselves. It doesn't occur to them that anyone else would do this.
One of my mother's pet peeves was, "I can stand the thief but, not a liar."
I'm fed up with being lied to!
The American people are today inundated with lies. Lies are everywhere that one looks. This plethora of lies is disseminated through television, radio, newspapers, the mail, by telephone, and the Internet. You cannot avoid seeing or hearing something that is either an out right lie, a lie of omission, a little white lie, or a grain of truth that has been distorted beyond all recognition.

Who are these liars?

Who are these liars? Here is just a short list. The Daily Kos, ( democracy in action), the New York Times, Democrats, liberals, terrorists, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR, and lastly President Obama. The list goes on and on. The Washington Post has even found it necessary to award Pinocchio's to liars.
What lies have we been told?
Please allow me to catch my breath for these!

Eyewitness to the shooting

Mike Brown had his hands up over his head when officer Darren Wilson shot him.-Eyewitnesses to the shootings.


"Not even a smidgen of corruption."-President Obama on the IRS scandal.

"The Keystone pipeline would mean maybe 2000 jobs."-President Obama.

"If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it."-President Obama.

"The NSA is not abusing its power."-President Obama.

"I said that Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning."-President Obama.

"First of all I didn't set a red line, the world set a red line."-President Obama on Syria's use of chemical weapons.

"We didn't see it coming." President Obama on the influx of thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children at the border with Mexico.

"We didn't see it coming."-President Obama on ISIS.

"It caught us by surprise."-President Obama on Russia's invasion of the Ukraine.

Susan Rice's lie

"What sparked the recent violence was the airing on the Internet of a very hateful very offensive video."-UN ambassador Susan Rice on Benghazi.

Jay Carney's lie

"This is in response to a video that is offensive."-Jay Carney White House Press Secretary on Benghazi.

John Koskinen's lie

The IRS doesn't have Lois Lerners, (director of the IRS exempt organizations division), e-mails because her hard drive had crashed in 2011, resulting in all of her e-mails being irretrievable and therefore unavailable to Congress.-John Koskinen IRS Commissioner.

George Washington

"I did not have sex with that woman."-President Clinton on Monica Lewinsky.


You may have noticed that my list of lies told to us is dominated by President Obama. That should come as no surprise since he is the Prevaricator-in-Chief.

It kind of makes me feel left out.
So my lie is, "I cannot tell a lie!"
Hey, it worked for George Washington!


Obama lies-Exposing President Barrack Obama and his lies

Fellowship of Minds-"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

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Washington Post
Washington Post
Mike Brown shooting


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Yes, politicians lie. No question about that, but I'm curious. You seem to have omitted the biggest liar of them all, the man who lied us into an unnecessary war based on a whole barrelfull of lies, George W. Bush. How could you have forgotten to include him. He's the world's champ. By the way, as they say, no one died when Clinton lied, but untold thousands died because of Bush's lies. I'm certain that, objective observer that you are, omitting Bush from your list must have been unintended.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Lying must be a requirement to enter political life. Sad.

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author avatar Chip Greene
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

All wars are unnecessary. Steve please name just one lie in that barrelful. Let me help you. I suspect that you've seen and heard all of the erroneous reports that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. You're one of the victims of the "old truism" that begins my article. Saddam had chemical weapons, and a large stockpile of them at that. He used them against Iranian forces in his war with Iran. I've seen the pictures and the reports. He even used them against his own people. I've seen the pictures and those reports too. The U.N inspectors couldn't find them because Saddam knew what was coming and got rid of them. He didn't destroy them. He shipped them to Syria with the knowledge that he could get them back when he wanted them. I've seen the satellite images of massive truck convoys crossing from Iraq into Syria. What do you think was in those trucks? Where do you think Syrian President Assad got the chemical weapons that he used against his own people? I smell another story! Care to mention those other lies in the barrel? Thanks for the star and the comment.
Lying isn't a requirement for entering political life. Lying is a part of life.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Let's see. Saddam had a nuclear program - lie. If we don't stop them there they'll attack us over here - lie. We're going to be greeted as liberators - lie. The war will be over in two months - lie. "Read my lips, no new taxes" - lie

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author avatar Chip Greene
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks. Steve. Although I can rebut all of your lies it's time to move on. Pun intended. My research into the subject is complete. New article pending in my objective mind. Title? WMD's and Saddam put to rest.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

My lies? Read my lips, no new taxes is my lie? We're going to be greeted as liberators is my lie? Give me a break. You are beset, my friend, with the typical right-wing affliction of staring truth squarely in the face with a complete incapacity to recognize it.

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author avatar Chip Greene
4th Sep 2014 (#)

You misunderstand me. I don't mean you told the lies.
I can't help but, wonder what your definition of a lie is. For example: Obama promised in his first campaign to close Guantanamo Bay. It's still open. Did he lie?

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author avatar Joyce Singha
6th Sep 2014 (#)

1. You've been accusing all dissenting opinion here as right wing affliction even after all facts have been stated. Maybe you could take time to check the facts yourself and come up with better arguments.
2. Regarding Bush' lies, the matter was thoroughly discussed in UN and just about all countries agreed that Saddam had WMD; he acted as per available intelligence at that time, which unfortunately turned out to be wrong.
3. The amount of lies, deception and cover-ups that Obama has, are a bit too many: Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Solyndra, ObamaCare, AlQaeda on the run ???

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author avatar Utah Jay
6th Sep 2014 (#)

For some reason I cannot read the body of your work, or anyone's work for that matter, but by the comments I agree with you. Unfortunatly many on the left, and those low information voters, are being lead astray by what some call the drive by media, but I think we should call them by who they have become, the propaganda media.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
7th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes that happens very often. Just shut the browser for a while, have some coffee, come back :)

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