Lies Leading to Love

Akira By Akira, 17th Nov 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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What happens when the only person you trust betrays you?

Lies Leading to Love

Rumors spread
Whispers, murmurs
Each worse than the last
I can’t stop it now
One little message
Forever changing my life

What happened to trust?
Your empty promises, lies
In your soulless eyes
Friendship is just a game
The harmless pawn
Versus the malevolent queen

One by one
Leaving with no trace
Words like daggers
Hurled into my heart
Who once was loved
Is now hated by all

In this Bible Belt
I’m not welcomed
For simply being myself
Attracted to girls
Attracted to guys
For choosing to love

Who chooses this life?
Shunned, lonely
Bullied, terrified
Depression, my only friend
Cuts getting deeper
Life wasting away

There’s a light
She’s tall, hazel eyes
Lips ever so soft
Breathing life
Into the dark
I am free


Betrayal, Betrayal Of Trust, Bisexual, Coming Out, Coming Out Of The Closet, First Love, Free Verse, Lgbt, Lonely, Lost, Personal Experience, Story

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author avatar Akira
With words flowing from the depths of my mind, I connect the souls of humanity as one.

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author avatar Mitiria
17th Nov 2015 (#)

Very beautifully done. I love the struggle and then grasp of hope at the end. Keep writing!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Nov 2015 (#)

Nice poem, Akira.

That is life - the lows and the ups - we have to take everything as fleeting and enjoy the moments - siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
18th Nov 2015 (#)

Well, I am 5 feet 11 in height and a perfect 10 after kids and betrayed too. Actual story on you poem 2.
Lies never brings love, I kicked many out for being liars, I call them Satanists. They never live in my vibe and I will never train them to understand me.

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