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Electronic age, Cell Phones and the likes we never dreamed in the past.
Knowing what technology can offer to every common individual, spans a life time of study in trial and error.
However never giving up and the repetition of trying again.
The same goes in life.
We learn from the errors , make corrections and adjustments then try to succeed again. The results can be a benefit to more than just ones self.
Others come along in our lives and changes are made.

Control ,Alt, Delete

If only life were as simple as that.

Looking at the amount of time people spend looking for that level of "happiness".

Wearing jewels to express wealth, fancy cars, people want to be your friend.
They envy the wealth at the level of crime.
If you have it , they want it.
Never an intention for a true friendship in the sense of reality, in the minds of those less fortunate.

As a child grows

As masses of people hit to the streets where is the American Dream/b]?
Observing children of poverty sitting amoung ones that are well dressed their shoes glisten and perfection of every strand of hair.
As the differences in the mind of a child .
When children see the toys lain about in the doctors office they seem to be more interested in trying their best to get to the toys that the other child is in possession of.
Lacking an ability to share a child of wealth may see the child of poverty as dirty, possibly reeking of odor as the child adorns tattered clothes that have been passed down from 2 older siblings.
From a local charity or from donations at a church .

Shibai in the future

Challenge your mind
What would it take to educate and to inform the thousands to see that working as a unit, securing the future of generations is now a fearsome attempt at disclosing the sad state of affairs in the United States Economy.
Working as one in the same context as giving help where it is needed. But it has to be earned.
Building a community for the under privileged children.
Seeking alternatives to the ability of the United States to give to those whom clearly are using the "system" and funds to feed their addictions.
Mandatory drug testing and administering it on a random basis for those collecting assistance.
Helping to educate the ones seeking to be re-employed to care for the growth and nurturing of their families.

The white picket fence

As the observation of the level of poverty grows, homelessness has a grasp in the lives of many children.
They have no place they call their home.
In reality they may be living in a tent , possibly in the bushes under a tree they refer to home as," at the camp".
Living in a car with no access to a real restroom with a tub. They use the restroom at the local gas station and the porceline sink is their tub.
They have no idea what it is like when others look upon them with loathing.
They have an agenda, one that may be different than what society calls normal.
That is just to survive.

Parents in transition

After observing the children and their circumstances that are clearly beyond their control leads the mind to consider what in effect has the parents to do with this situation.
Considering that with the state of our economy and the lack of jobs, it is more than likely they are dependant on the welfare system for financial as well as food stamp program.
Another alternative in this scenerio is their parents are drug addicts and strung out.
Potentially using the "system" to provide for Their drug habit and provide just enough to keep the children from dying of starvation.
Another scenerio is the parents have lost their employment and now are forced to sell all they can to provide for their family. Risking the potential for their children to be taken away and placed in the foster care system.
This leads to the parents having other issues to hamper their already tireless agenda.
In order for them to have their children returned they need to be employed fullntime, compleated a psyciatric evaluation,drug and alcohol assessment, compleated a parenting class as well as be "in" therapy.

A family home

Giving into the families are torn apart.
The damage done at times is irreversable.
Children are taken and placed up for adoption never to know their parents or siblings.
A system out of control.
What happens when these children have grown into adults?
Will they be told of their true heritage and family roots or are they never told they have a biological family out there ....
A question without an answer.
These children are bound to a time that is gone forever.


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author avatar Sandralee
The love for my children drives me to leave a legacy of hope and faith, a desire to attain the highest goals and never limit their chances to learn and grow.

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author avatar Nitul anand
17th Aug 2012 (#)

I love your enthusiasm ...
nice flow of emotions...
please share emotions about my pages cu ...
The God ...The Most WANTED ...

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author avatar Sandralee
17th Aug 2012 (#)

I will check your writings . Thanks Sandee

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Aug 2012 (#)

Great feelings here, Sandralee. When hope is lost almost all is lost. The society is responsible and has to rise to the constant challenge especially to take care of children and the elderly - siva

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author avatar Sandralee
17th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you Siva

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