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This is a chronicle of an experience that fundamentally changed my life. I have since then, come to see things differently and my perception of life and existence with a deeper understanding.

Life as Continuum

Life is a continuum, and there is nothing like death in the real sense. What we call death is simply a transition of consciousness from one plane of existence to another.
I was aware of this truth earlier, but never was conviction etched so strongly in my soul than after the fundamental experience i had some years back that actually defined my life.
Precisely, on the 2nd of August, 1996, i felt feverish and without warning, the condition worsened, and while in the process of rushing me to the hospital, i passed out in the briefness that was some minutes. In that brief period of time, with my consciousness intact, i vividly saw myself entirely in a different world on like the one i know, so beautiful, so enthralling. I could feel myself enjoying the whole scene, i was so happy. Never have i experienced that kind of happiness. In fact, I lack the words to really describe what i saw and how i really felt. However, eventually, when consciousness started returning to my earthly body, i saw through the prison bars that is flesh, in comparison, a very unattractive world. I saw haggard faces looking worried and peering at me with pity, but in earnest if only they could have a glimpse of the other world, they will come to terms that they are the actual people to be pitied for there is nothing here in this world.

'Death' is Not a Calamity
It was at that juncture and that moment that i knew within my soul that death is not a terrible thing, not a calamity. To that extent, death is not the enemy of man, neither does it have cold hands. Instead, it is a beautiful experience that hardly can find adequate expression in the language of man. Death truly is an event we all should gladly embrace when the time comes. There should be no room for fear, for there is no need to fear something that is a necessity, and must come when it will.
For years after that great awakening, i have always reckoned that there must be a reason i was not allowed to pass on to the great beyond. And the reason is no other than my grand purpose in life isn't done yet. I resolved to pursue this purpose - service to humanity with zeal and determination and doing my best to scaling through the mountain like hurdles of life to achieve that grand purpose of coming in this incarnation. I fervently do believe that i will get there.


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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
Uranta Emmanuel is a social worker, a counselor, and presently works with the National Youth Service Corps in Abuja, Nigeria.

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author avatar Retired
8th Oct 2011 (#)

Yes, my friend, death does not exist, it is just the body that really dies, for the consciousness, it is just a new beginning, in a new adventure. If there is a hell, it is here on Earth, as it is a very low domain, and pretty solid. This domain is full of addictions and violence, which is not the case for the higher dimensions. However, our journey here is necessary, as it helps us learn the pluses and minuses, the evil and the good, in order to find an equilibrium and to become a whole.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
8th Oct 2011 (#)

savaswriter, thanks for your comment.

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