Life As It Was (A erotic story)

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A young boy first time with his lover, becomes a males greatest dream. Something unexpected happens and he stuck in a pickle.

Life As It Was

Life As It Was.
What is the emotion that one feels for one. When he falls in love. I know the word is love, but there so much more beyond the word. There are several emotions. Some are desire, Lust, Jealousy, want and insecure. These different emotion can very well help or change a relationship.

I followed her into her room, the walls was painted blue.
Her bed was huge, with green sheets. We both sat down, I stared at here and envy here gorgeous brown eyes with her plump lips, Wanting her kiss so badly. I lean forward, she leans back in a teasing manner. She laughs, I smile. Leaning again attempting for another kiss. She leans in our lips connect my closes, feeling every movement she makes with her lips, moving with hers following as she leads, giving here what she wants. I place my hand on her face taking a bit of control, sliding my tongue against her lips, as if it was asking to come in. She open her mouth allowing so, our tongues touched, sliding against one another.
The pashion turns me, Steadily switching kisses back and forth. Oh my god I love her so. I open my eyes looking into her's. I stopped, " What the matter?"she asked. "Nothing." I stated. I look back in to here eyes, she looks into mine. I sincerely in love with her, unsure of what to do, I lean down and bite her neck she begin to breath heavily. She slowly falls the rest of the way down on the bed. I put my hands around her shoulder letting her grip on to me. I bite down a bit harder,Kissing all over neck. Not stopping me, I slide my hands over her body, feeling her warmth.
I thought "Is this really happening, is this a dream?" I stop again looking into here eyes "Darling?"
"Yes Jimmy?" She replied.
"You have the most beautiful brown eyes I ever seen."
She blushed and at my comment. We stopped for a moment and just looked at each other admiring ones looks.
"I am glad to have you."
"So am I." she replied.
She grabbed my hand and moved it down, to her jeans button She unbuttoned her pants sliding my hand deep inside, She was wet I followed and started rub it. She began to breath heavily again, I started to kiss her at the same time. It was weird the more that I touched her the more she got wet. I then stuck to finger in feeling her warm inside. squirm my finger deep inside her, leaning down towards her collar bone biting her gently on the neck. She moaned, I never herd her moaned before. She had a pretty nice moan, not loud but not to soft. A moan like she wanted more, to be pleased more. She then grabbed my pants touching me, rubbing it grabbing it, she knew what she was doing I could tell. I mean she didn't just grab it she was gentle like she done this before. But see this was my first time and I was a little curious.

I removed my hands from her pants, and unzipped them, looking at here she nodded, I began to pull down her pants along with her panties. I looked at it as again I never seen one before. It was so pretty, pink and wet it looked like a pair of lips it was shaved freshly. I rubbed it so, looking at the reaction she had. She moan slightly, curling her feet. I looked at her she unbutton my pants, and pulled them down. She said, put it inside me. I listened and did what she said it was so warm as I touched it with tip of my cock. I went slowly as if I was cautious. She closed her eyes as it penetrated her, biting her lips. I stuck it in the rest of the way.
My god it was amazing it wasn't like any other feeling I felt before.
I began to thrust against her, she wrapped her arms around me, bitting my neck I couldn't help but to moan a little.

She moaned more and more, digging her nails into me, I thrust faster, coming to a peak. It wasn't like any other thing I felt before, It tighten around my cock as she orgasm, I couldn't help but to come along with her. I looked at her. She smiled, we had nothing to worry about she was on birth control.

I got up she said, "what are you doing." I looked at her puzzled, she said "we are not done yet." She grabbed on to me and pinned me down. She grabbed something and grabbed my hands Restraining me to the bed and opening my legs tieing them down also. I asked "What are you doing?"
She said, "Having fun!" With a evil smirk on her face.
I looked at she touched me again, moving it up and down and before I knew it i was hard again, she bit hard down on my neck, sucking for a long time rubbing her self against my cock teasing the hell out of me.
I wanted it, I wanted more. She got up on top of me and stuck inside here, bouncing up and down. She slapped me hard once, calling me a whore. I puzzled and confused, but didn't really care as it felt to good. She slapped me again, and again.
I was at my peak again and I could tell she was to, but she didn't stop she kept going faster and faster she bounced until finally she climaxed, then I inside her.
She got up and left the room. She said she loves me, and didn't return untill morning, I was still tied, I asked her when will she untie me, she said never. I want to keep you here with me forever.


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