Life - Is it slipping away?

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Life today is full of opportunities, through technology, we can almost do whatever we want and wherever we want. Our homes are filled with the worldly richness, we strive to create new challenges with our careers to create a better everyday life. But is all this worthwhile? Have you ever felt like life is just passing you by without you having any say in the direction that it took? Do you feel like you are a part of an endless race without knowing why or what are you racing for?


Dissatisfaction comes quite naturally to humans. We always seem to be unhappy with the present status of our lives and wish for better times . Agreed, it is this dissatisfaction that makes us grow, provokes us to work hard and achieve better things in life. But are we actually happy when we achieve these targets? Or the the more we reach near the top of the mountain, the more we realize there wasn't a top in the first place.

No time to Introspect

Living life is a continuous struggle. You start by cramming the A B C correctly and then you are lured to work hard by saying "just this final exam and you're done!", but does it ever end? From school you move to college and then to jobs n deadlines ...How often do you sit back and reflect over how much you have achieved over the years and take time to compliment yourself and acknowledge the people around you without whose help you wouldn't have come this far ? Where is the struggle basically taking you and what was the motive of all the certificates that you have pocketed ?How many of us actually get time to introspect and retrospect?

Is the Struggle worthwile for a moment of Glory?

Wasn't all these meant to give u a healthy life and yet all these years you have had stress and tensions.... i completely agree to the fact that a coal becomes a diamond only under pressure but how much pressure can one take ??? and does every coal become a piece of diamond??? What about all those that get destroyed in the process? Why in this race of life, people tend to forget that what is slipping by is the life itself . All those few moments of praise, appreciation, acknowledgment that drove you to work for hours; the addition of one more zero to your salary or your name in the newspaper one day..... does these few moments really make your years of struggle worthwhile?

Time is Slipping Away

Day by day,
Time is slipping away.
Where have all my days gone?
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring,
Another year gone by
And i am still where i was

Memories of yesterday fresh on my mind,
Thoughts of tomorrow not clear.
So many problems I'm expected to solve.
So little time to make decisions.
Responsibility taking hold.
Live life fully and I'll survive.
Day by day,
Time is Slipping Away

Society is really changing.
Years and years down the road,
Who knows what our destiny holds.
But why waste your present
Planning about your future
and letting the time slip away
Day by day.

If come tomorrow
Someone comes and asks
What have I done with my life?
I would say I have lived
my life to the fullest
Day by day
as the time keeps on slipping away

(╯︵╰,) © Shaunak

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Hi, i am Shaunak. I am a Technology freak who loves writing Poetry and Short stories. I also write about movies, music, business and anything that i find interesting.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Aug 2012 (#)

Good share, Shaunak. We have to pause often, take a deep breath and ponder where we are headed. If it is just to accumulate wealth, one will regret sooner than later as we are easily enslaved. Even our dear ones will take us as robots and wait for the riches to fall on their lap.

I have often lamented; we do not listen anymore as we think we have wisdom in abundance. But I have seen many climb the mountain top and realize too late they are all alone! Life has left them by while busy climbing! siva

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author avatar Subra
10th Aug 2012 (#)

"The spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" - your powerful and rich words remind me of Wordsworth! To me life is to be lived HERE and NOW - not in the past which is gone forever, not in the future which cannot be anticipated. The past and future therefore meet in the present and that's how we have to play our little role in the world. Never mind if life is slipping away - it's inevitable - but if we use it constructively and positively and, as you say, to the fullest, you can then tell the Creator that you've played your part and fulfilled your role. Thanks for your thoughts on life Shaunak - they are really thought-provoking!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
10th Aug 2012 (#)

very interesting Shaunuk..we come here to learn our lessons fulfill our karmic debts and sometimes the way is chewy but we endure to the end...

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author avatar Samridhi55
11th Aug 2012 (#)

Nice share. thanks

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
12th Aug 2012 (#)

The ideas are good and the prose and poetry are equally good.
May I suggest not to use ? more than once? It doesn't add emphasis but is incorrect.

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author avatar Ridhi kaur
28th Aug 2012 (#)

Great read very very interesting.

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