Life can be a daring adventure

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Some people seem not to have problems nor they seem not to make any mistakes in their lives. Why is it? Are they smarter than others?

Life can be a daring adventure

Surfing on the Net I've come across this phrase that tell us ''Life is a daring adventure or nothing''. How very true this is! It's also what it's said in Spain. ''Those who won't jump into the water won't learn to swim or cross the ocean''.
Also and I've read on the social networks, ''people that never make mistakes are those who don't do anything''. It's also true. If one never does anything or never goes beyond its safe grounds will never make mistakes nor they will have problems.
If one wants to travel the world, but one doesn't have enough money for it, one will have to take risks as part of the travelling experience with little cash, that is, sleeping rough or almost and eating tinned food or sandwiches when one would like to have a meal in a good restaurant and to sleep in a good hotel.
If one ventures in a new relationship without thinking about it much, chances could be that things didn't go as expected, but it's as jumping into a pool. We've to see first if there's water to swim. Otherwise, we can't expect that it's going smoothly. Even if we think that it's going to be fine after some knowledge of each other, we'll really find out when we're placed under the same roof, sharing every little domestic item.
Every project we have in mind requires some thought, but after having thought about it for some time, if it's what we want, we ought to have a go to put it into practice, but even if it's what we want and we've given it a thought, it doesn't mean that all is going to be for us. There may be setbacks or problems that we never foresaw. What's to be done, then? If it's something we truly wanted for ourselves, we're to take these unexpected problems to sort out every one of them step by step. We'd thought about it slowly and we always thought that all was going to be for us. Yet, there's always the unexpected and the unknown arising at some stage.
It's true that there're people who seem not to have problems in their lives nor they seem not to make mistakes. Are they smarter than others? It may be simply that they never take any risks nor they go beyond their safe grounds or don't have any projects to put into practice except working in their usual work, to live in the place they've always lived till they retire or die.
What sort of them are you if I may ask?
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author avatar Bridget O Sullivan
14th Jan 2015 (#)

Thought provoking article Vicky, Encouraging too !

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author avatar GenkiWorld
14th Jan 2015 (#)

veru true, in life we have to take chances and understand that at times we could win nd we could lose, i am the daring king that takes life by the horns.

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author avatar vickylass
14th Jan 2015 (#)

Can't say how often I've seen myself at the edge. Got depressed. Fretted. Then, back again to sort out matters.

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