Life from my side

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A view of life from my side, A view on the youngsters of India ,the education system
A view on the thinking of an Indian student. .

Life from my Side

Have u ever sat alone in a room and thought to yourself where am I going in life ? I bet u have .
But have u been able to get the answer ? Well I certainly could not get an answer .
Questions like these do bother a student . When will I get settled , When will I stop harassing my parents for money. When does "GOT" return .
All these questions come in a youngsters life at some point of time..
If you are a youngster in India you have probably been told to study hard , get good marks , get into a good college , only then will you be successful , but we all know that is not true, but still why do most of the students still chose to do a "conventional" course after their 12th . why do more Indians not expand their horizons and chose different career paths .
Well from my side the answer is simple , The background that most of our students come from , All students in India are pressurized from the get go to get a decent job right after graduation . They will not be given any time or help to do what they like . But why is that ? Do Indian parents want their children to be unhappy and not do anything they love #NO. But they do not have a choice they have worked hard to make their children study in a university whose fees start way above their pay grade, they do not have a choice , it sounds good in movies and articles to hear that follow your dream do what u like and success will follow , but one should really look at it practically and think is it true in present day India we should look through the eyes of our parents and think before making rash decisions in the name of following our dreams ,
India is a country who is growing in all aspects or rather developing in all aspects and the younger generation is the key to it , but right now shouldn't we just give a little more emphasis on how to help an individual follow his dream , How to help him
in ways Indian parents can not, OR should we just tell them to follow their dreams and tell them everything will be fine or should we rather just try and make a path for youngsters who want to follow their dreams. Indian education system is for the most part a bust , but the question here is, even if our education system would have been better how do we motivate the parents of our students to let them follow their dreams ,
How do we make them believe that even if your child follows his dream , he would still lead a fruitful life . The truth is we cant tell them that because that isn't true .
Education system , government , students, parents , you and me all of us are equally
responsible for the botched up system of education that the Indian youth follows .
We should just think that why in India does college education garner so much of importance and why does our dreams take back seat.

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