Life in hospital

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Its more than just lying in bed. Its a way of life!

Life in hospital

Well, I'm sick with meningitis, sleeping my days over in a hospital bed.

Mother comes to visit us and she brings me a drawing book and some stationary and stickers.

I don't want Mother to ever leave, but eventually Mother has to leave.

As I'm starting to feel better very slowly, I'm also getting extremely bored. How in blazes can I stay in bed for days and days and days? It became so long, I don't even know how long.

Eventually I look at the drip. I see it has a switch of sorts on it that can be turned. It makes the water drip faster or slower when I turn it. I decide to let it run like crazy; then I can see what happens when the bag goes empty. Will I go home then?

But after some hours, the nurse spots that I'm slurping that drip dry like crazy. She comes to reset it to drip very, very slowly, and tells me not to touch that.

Well, it's back to boredom again. I walk to and from a toilet a few times, mostly out of boredom. We find Karlien's mother is also in hospital for somethingorother, but only a day or so later she's out again.

Meanwhile I draw and draw and draw in the book Mother had brought me. I make myself a cutout dove. I make Elly one too. I also make a tortoise on a page, with a cut in its mout through which I can move its extra mouthpiece. It talks to Elly. At least with Elly here, it's not all boring all the time.

But, the nurse thinks I'm not giving Elly enough time to rest. So, after some time she wheels Elly out of here. I see that Elly has forgotten her paper dove that I made her.

I shout "Your dove!"

But, there they go, and my handiwork dove stays on the little bedside counter that once was next to Elly's bed.

Great. Now I'm all alone. There was someone else in the room but it seems they've been taken home.

Now it's just me and my drawing pad and stationary. Mother comes to visit a few times but apparently there are "visitor's hours" during which they can visit and then have to leave when they're over.

I wonder how long this is going to continue. At least by now it seems my meningitis is starting to leave me. But my stay in hospital is not over yet. I have to finish one more drip, the doctor says.

I try to speed up the drip a bit, but the next time the nurse makes her rounds, she readjusts it again. They know by now I fiddle with the drip settings because I wish it could go faster so I can go home.

FINALLY!!!!!!!! I can go home. Oh gravytrain, I'm so glad. And yet, I have actually come to get used to living here in the hospital. It's become a way of life. I've come to feel at home here.

But, life cannot be spent in a hospital. I have to go back to my life again, outside of hospital. I'll be glad to see Woolley.

Did the meningitis leave me completely? It seems not. I feel fine, however for the next couple of years, it seems every time I spend a long time in the sun, my head starts to ache from the sun or the heat or something. It feels just like it did when I had meningitis.

Seems my head is very sensitive to the sun and the sun's heat now. I'll have to limit the time I spend in the sun from now on, or who knows if I'll get that dreaded illness again.


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Take care my young friend.

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