Life is like a cake - delicious!

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Who knew cakery can be used for teaching religiousity!

Life is like a cake - delicious!

It's Sunday morning and I'm frying myself some eggs in Lordly House. The radio is on too.

A church service is being broadcast. It sounds like a coloured preacher doing his thang today.

I love the metaphors he's using. It's just lovely!

One of the things he's using to describe life, is his mother baking a cake.

That already sounds like a delicious metaphor!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmmmmmm!!! yum yum.

So he starts: Life is like the baking of a cake by his mother.

First, you get all the nasty ingredients being put out on the kitchen counter in order to be used.

Yes, the ingredients are nasty. Even the stuff you would think of as delicoius, are nasty. Like the cocoa for example. You think, "oh yum yum, chocolatey!".

But no. If you stick your finger into the cocoa powder and then shove it in your mouth... YUK!!! It tastes bitter! Bitter yes, not nice chocolatey at all. Personally I also think one cannot breathe or swallow if you shove cocoa powder into your mouth.

Anyway, there's the flour. You think yum yum, delicious cake body bricks. No, you eat the flour, you feel sick and it tastes bitter. He uses the word "bitter" a lot. Everything tastes bitter.

Even the raw eggs are no different. You eat that and it's nasty. Yuck!!!

But those are the things that make up life. Actually it makes up a cake but if you compare a cake to life, those are all the nasty and great ingredients (great because some like the sugar is sweet).

And then comes the storm, the whipping up of everything, the violent mixing in the mixing bowl, like a tornado or storm that just messes up everything into some concocted mess.

However, after that storm, you taste that dough, it actually tastes better than it did before the storm.

But then, it still needs to go into the oven, the fire that "louters" it. Yes, going through fire is hot and painful.

But of course, what comes out of it is a perfect cake! Or a burnt cake sometimes, or a raw cake that needs more heat.

But anyway, the only way you're going to get that perfect cake, is if you regularly have storms mixing all the nasty and sweet ingredients together and then go through fire and heat, baking you.

Or something along those lines. I didn't really reproduce the guy's sermon accurately here, but you get the jist of it.

Another one of his metaphors is how we must be like the trees in the garden, shaking off their old leaves so that they can make new leaves and new, delicious fruit.

Lovely metaphor. But then he says yes, some trees to keep their leaves all year round. Bummer.

After the service, the organist tries to play a song on the organ. Mother also sometimes plays that song.

But oh dear, the organist buggers it up and later on he or she is just pressing notes and making a cacophony of hideous noise. I'm so embarrassed for the sake of whoever is playing the organ, because now the entire country is hearing their god darn mess all over the radio.

Oh well, it was a nice service all in all. I'm so lustful for some cake now... Read more on MarzeusVonHemelen.Com


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author avatar RondaKay
23rd Nov 2015 (#)

Lol, that was a fun read and I have to say, I have never ever thought of how each ingredient in a cake tastes separately and then how they taste when all mixed together, but I bet I do the next time I make a cake. :-)

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author avatar Sherri Granato
24th Nov 2015 (#)

Brilliant work!

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