Life is truly all about perception

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Whether you're happy or unhappy about something can sometimes depend solely on your perception of it. This is something I've known but forgotten again, until life recently reminded me of it.

Life is truly all about perception

I come out of Lordly House this morning and see Osborn, Father's servant, washing one of the cars.

He's all happy and clappy this morning.

"So how was your heritage day?", he asks with so much excitement, obviously only asking because he wants to tell me what he himself thought of it.

If you read a previous piece of mine, you might know what I felt about the infernal "heritage day" thing. First of all, it completely ruined my day when I was all ready to start the day and to then turn on the radio and find out all the blasted shops I needed to go to would be closed for the public holiday.

Secondly of course, there was mention on the radio about the Afrikaans heritage, and how it is politically correct and fashionable to openly discriminate, hate, increasingly limit and destroy Afrikaans because such discrimination has become just as encouraged and fashionable as anti-white racism in this "leftist/insanist" establishment.

So, I was in a really bad mood already and felt negatively inclined towards this "Heritage Day" rubbish. Why not just have a "Blue Sky" day, or a "Sex feels good Day" or an "Oxygen-breathing Day" if we're going to be so hard-up to have reasons to sit at home and let the economy grind to a halt because working simply isn't fun for many?

Yes, I'm probably just some wet blanket prune but I don't care.

Meanwhile, I'm having the conversation with Osborn, and he's asked me how much I enjoyed yesterday's "Heritage Day".

As explained above, I didn't think much of it, so I'd rather not say much about it. Instead, I answer "Oh, Heritage Day you say? Is that what it was? My goodness, I didn't know there was much to it; how did you find it?"

This is just what he was waiting for, and started yapping excitedly like a little child about these "Heritage Day" celebrations that took place over in Universityville, that he attended.

Apparently the city or whomever held this huge party/exhibition where all the different South African cultures were showcased in all their traditional dress and dances and food and whatnot.

Awwww, sweet Osborn really enjoyed this, I'm so glad. I didn't even know all these things went on.

He mentions there was Afrikaner culture in the mix too. What in blazes is Afrikaner culture even? Do they still do volkspele? I haven't seen that in ages, but knowing traditional Afrikaners, they're too inhibited to dance well or sing uninhibited or really live themselves into such flashy, showy showthings. Must have been a pretty conservative display of embarrassment even.

Anyway, after about five minutes of Osborn being a waterfall of excitment and enthusiasm, he finally realises since I'm not there, I'm not really sharing the enthusiasm and can only smile politely. So his enthusiasm get a bit thin too.

"Shame I missed it; perhaps I'll attend next year", I tell him.

So, there you have it - life is all about perception. I saw "Heritage Day" as just more politically motivated hogwash, while Osborn happened to experience it as a wonderful party of celebration, color and booze.

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