Life like vapor

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Life is like a vapor today is here tomorrow is gone
Good or Bad life we shall speed up one day to meet with our creator
Our deeds will manufacture our destination
And rewards will be allocated to every traveler... Revelations 14:13

Life like vapor

Life like vapor

Life is like a vapor
Sometimes it rains
Sometimes it doesn’t
The vapor represent
Temporality in our lives
Nothing will last longer than it should
The vapor represent
Ups and downs
Good and bad
Beautiful and ugly
Which make up life

Our life is like a vapor
Not perfect but full of fun and beautiful things
Battle to fight and conquer each day
Don’t want battle but it comes on like a man coming after his lover
Each battle is to make you stronger than before
Preparing you for the one ahead

Life is like a vapor that vanish like a steam from a boiling kettle
You see it in a second but gone in another
Little by little it all vanish away
Sometimes you cry
Sometimes you smile
Sometimes you miss people
Sometimes you wish you never met them
Everyday with is own battle to fight

Life is like a vapor with several approaches
Whatever you encounter as you walk on the street of life
Don’t give up
Don’t give in
Don’t fall for it
Don’t let it win
It’s only there let a vapor

Though our life is like a vapor
We can use it well
We can live it right
We can make good use of it
We don’t know when it’s ending
We don’t know how long it’s going to be
We don’t know when It’s going to let us go
But someday It’s going to vanish and cries is going to be made to send it home

If you have a choice decide now
If you get the opportunity act now
If you need to repent repent now
On a guitar of time the pleasure will be over and we all vanish and forever to eternal rest or damnation
Make the right decision for yourself


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author avatar Fred
16th Feb 2015 (#)

nice one bro... keep it going.

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
16th Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks fred
blessed be God

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