Life's Pitfalls 12

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I have experienced and seen many many things in my short life, and put them to paper in the form of poetry, to inspire people and to provoke thought.. Read, learn, and enjoy


Control and power that's its intention
Goodness is its mask, all a part of it deception
World domination its only desire
Its sweet alluring words, have never failed to inspire
Generations have heeded its false prayer
Confront it, or accuse it, no one would dare
They prey on the weak, and exploit the poor
Sweet talk their way in, Slam behind them the door
Instead of one step forward, they take 10 back
Any sign advancement they blindly attack
They say they protect the oppressed and meager
When it comes to killing people, they are way too eager
They celebrate when they kill a single adversary
Even if his taken along with a hundred babies in a nursery
They have a warped sense of morality
All they comprehend is subjugation, and brutality
Why can't they be normal? Don't they have a sense of reality?
I'm also a Muslim its peace I believe
Can't understand how these people, the devil has deceived
I grasp that homeland needs to be defended
But not at the expense of my religion, it needs to be respected
One life taken, is as if all of humanity has been killed
There's no heaven for these murderous people,
If even one innocents heart, they have stilled
It saddens me when I see, a mother cry, a child weep
All went shopping, their blood now flowing in the street
A grandfather's sadness, a husband's pain
Happiness and love, they'll never see again
They're bullies in a playground, blight on what's right
If ever I had the chance, I would shoot them on site
Against all that's good, these enemies of mankind,
Not all Muslims are like them, wake up, and don’t be blind.
All faiths have the extremism cancer, Islam isn’t the only one…
The only way to beat them is if we RISE UP AS ONE!!!!


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My ideas are few and far between, my poems are here to inspire people to live life to the fullest before its to late...

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author avatar RJ11
8th Feb 2013 (#)

Well said!

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