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The usual things I do everyday and the maybe the way I could do better! I'm just amazed at how majority of the population, though they are different from each other comes to have same kind of thoughts of worry and tension.So, I hope you'll find something good in my article that could make your day a bit better!

Today comes after yesterday!

Today morning I was just thinking about yesterday! Like everyday I went to college, slept during the lecture, did a lab work, ran back home and zzzZZ! Doesn't it feel kinda wasted?
Now that's kinda like a college student's life! And I enjoy it; though at times, when it comes to giving exams and project reports and all - it 's still annoying! But, its all gonna shed great results later on! ^_^
Leaving all that aside, the main thing is how did I feel yesterday? Happy? Gloomy? or......? OK! time to analyze.
When I got up yesterday morning I took a bath, prayed for a while( its really helpful in making your day better) and made my resolution for the day " I'm gonna have a fun day"... My face should have been lit like a torch, with happiness! Well, it was snowing.. The first snow of the year! :D yaaaaaaaaaay! Enjoying small things really gives such a pleasure; Its the basic stuff, I know but it is way better to be happy than worrying all the time. So everyone just keep your poker faces aside for a while and thank god for the
So that was a good beginning... But the day got kinda gloomy in the end I guess; I'm an average person after all. And yet that is another mystery of a human mind. Its the ultimate mood changing machine! All of a sudden it felt like I'm not cared... But, I feel bad about that thought now! :( B'cos I felt that way, I was kinda cold towards my roommate. AAAAAAAAArgh! The most shocking and annoying discovery of the day," You'll be treated the way you treat others". Yup! thats right, she was also clod to me. People if you don't like someone, instead of going to them and showing your hatred, go grow a plant! At least you'll be doing something good. Never do anything while feeling hatred or annoyed! Its just gonna spoil the day for you!
Before I went to sleep I became cheerful again. Its useless to keep on feeling bad and do nothing about it. I just left all those 'ego' conflict inside my head and went straight towards my roommate and started talking cheerfully again! And voila! the problem's solved!
Result of the analysis: At times I'll have really annoying thoughts and sometimes the going's good. So is the situation with everyone. Many people must have tried hard to be cheerful and being positive. And it is really hard to keep up with all those positive thinking stuff inside our heads with the thought processes rolling inside our heads, especially when we are at the tip of our tolerance.
But, not even a since child has learned to walk without falling down and putting no effort to walk (WoW! now that's something most of them doesn't notice). So it doesn't matter if I was mad yesterday, what's done is done. I'm not gonna waste my life crying over it. I'm gonna start my day today anew and I'm gonna remember to keep smiling (very few people knows that smiling makes a person even more good looking ^_^ ).

Hey! everyone out there, life gets tough at times (even for the person who's your IDOL). Just keep in mind, not to do something b'cos you are irritated and feeling bad, its gonna backfire for sure. Instead just take a deep breath and smile 'n enjoy all those little happy moments to the fullest! ^_^



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14th Oct 2010 (#)

very nice

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author avatar koko
14th Oct 2010 (#)

^_^ Thank u!

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