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Sometimes, would you ever wonder what is the motive or what is the purpose of life?


I have been thinking about this for quite awhile. Walk through crowds, staring at people, wondering what is on their mind. And then I start questioning myself, what exactly is life? What do I want from life? Why do I do the things I do everyday? Why am I planning for the future? And many many questions.

I mean, try looking at the different phases of our life. As an infant, all we want is to eat, poo and sleep. As long as someone satisfied our basic needs, we are contented. As we grow older, the things that are on our mind will be food, games and studies. We all know that we need to study to have a good future and so, we spend most of our time studying, trying to get the best results. Of course, we do have time to relax and enjoy.

After this, we step into another phase, working life. Working and working and MORE working. What is the purpose? Money. We need money to satisfy our basic needs. We plan for the future, we gain more skill sets, we worry about almost everything, etc. Along the way in our life, we will meet new people. If we are lucky enough, we manage to find a lifetime partner among them. And then the same cycle repeats, we plan for the future, we worry about the future, we have goals together, etc.

At the end of the day, what do we get? Death. This is the outcome of life. We were given life just to go through the journey and then life is taken away. But why? Why do we have to go through this journey? I know, according to religion beliefs, people believe that they are on this earth for a certain reason. I mean, I do believe that too, but I cannot seem to understand why? With religion beliefs aside, is there an answer to all these? Why is there life? What is life for? Why is a life cycle requires? Who was the one who set the rules in life?

Just some thoughts going through my mind and I thought of sharing it. Just find that certain things in life are so mysterious and I cannot seem to find an answer to them. Seems like there isn’t even an answer for them too. Well, just expressing my thoughts here, so, feel free to express your thoughts too. :)


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