Light in the Dark

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An analogy of life among sunrise, sunset, darkness, and light. Everything speaks of the people's common view of life.

Life After Sunset

Known to all, life is a constant change. Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down. We see a sunrise and a sunset all the time. Probably this is where the French quoted "c'est la vie." However, no matter how much we know about this fact, to act upon the struggles in life is still difficult like saying goodbye when sunset comes.

We often fail to recognize that there is still life after sunset. It may not be as beautiful as our sunrise, but is unique to our lives.

Sunset has a different view from sunrise. It is wondrous, but also pleasing to the eyes. To some extent, lessons are being learned when we experience the difficulties in life. We utter and pray that hopefully a sunrise will come along the way. But that is life. Sunrise and sunset make our lives challenging and fun.

Dim Moments

At times when the evening comes the dim spreads along, but in the middle of the night we see are the moon and stars shining bright. They give sparks to our eyes like the gifts in our lives.

It seems to us that darkness bewilders the whole scene in our lives. No single view can define it right. What is important is the way we perceive life. If we can't manage this time, there are more sunrise to come. As well, more sunsets and dim moments to strengthen our hearts and minds.

So in every struggle let us not forget there is always tomorrow of a new sunrise and hope in life.


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