Lisa's Motivation

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Lisa is working as hard as she can. She's motivated to get everything done because she has no choice.

Making Her Own Way

Lisa sat pounding away at her keyboard for hours without a break. She was at war with herself over the up and coming deadline. There were a few onlookers that stood wondering why she was so focused on the job at hand. They had no way of knowing what pushed her to continue despite their snickering at her seriousness.

Lisa knew what motivated her to stay there and write into the wee hours of morning. She had a goal on top of her deadlines. She was determined to sell her manuscript and all of the articles she was working on to publishers. She had two weeks to come up with her light bill. Not to mention all the other bills that were beginning to pile up on her since she had found herself alone.

The bill had come in this morning, it was less than last month but still too much. She was twenty dollars short of the total and none of the other bills would be paid if she paid it. She was beginning to get desperate. Lisa was accustomed to a few things such as eating that she wasn't going to give up without a fight.

No one knew that she got up two hours early every morning to begin earning money to live off of. Before she even showered Lisa would walk down the block picking up aluminum cans to sell at the end of the week. Granted they only brought in about 0.30 cents per pound. It would take a lot to make a difference but she had to get all she could. The last time she had been forced to take them to the recycling center early and only gotten $30 for them. Of course it's not like she could fit a lot of them into her car but she stuffed it as full as she could manage.

The weekends of trying to write and watching her neighbors children were exhausting. They couldn't afford a lot so she watched them for twenty dollars for those two days. It helped a little bit though. The last time she watched them she used that $20 to purchase enough food for two weeks. Lisa had gotten a newspaper from her neighbor as well and clipped every coupons she could find.

The phone distracted her momentarily. Lisa answered in a shaky voice, "Hello, Lisa Morgan. May I help you?"

"Yes, Ms. Morgan, this is Thomas Walker from Junior Magazine. I received your article and would like to discuss the possibility of having you write a short series on your experiences," a male voice she did not recognize said.

After ten minutes on the phone the two had set up a meeting. Lisa was extremely happy about the out come of the phone call. She began to type faster. Her dream of managing to care for herself was on the verge of coming true. With hope gleaming in her eyes she began to form ideas for new articles.

Then she noticed the flier that landed on her desk. There was a contest coming up. It was writing something. She must look into it later today but right now she had a deadline to meet.

Lisa had agreed to write five short stories for a friends website in exchange for groceries this week. She had to hurry she was half way through the third and she had promised them by tomorrow night. Since the cabinets were empty she was in need of something to eat. Hunger was the main motivator in her life at the moment.

Lisa began to work harder wondering why she had overloaded herself so. The only thing she could figure was that she had to survive. It never failed she always managed to find a way. Lisa was motivated to take care of herself and that is what she did.


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