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When schools stop teaching – more accurately, when we are too old to be at school, suddenly we feel the need to be educated, taught things. Perhaps, given the massive amount of lessons available in literature, literature is the school.

O. Henry and Chekhov scenario

Chekhov is a great Russian writer and O. Henry – American. They both contributed to literature with their wonderfully written short stories. They both are famous for the same thing (where I am not counting Chekhov’s plays the type of literature O. Henry did not have a try on.) and they are both internationally celebrated. However, their contributions differ greatly!

O. Henry entertained people with his stories with their surprise endings, whereas Chekhov wrote stories to open up the true face of each and every one of us. O. Henry made his readers laugh, gasp, sigh, and sometimes cry while Chekhov made his readers think and think about what they have done in their lives.

For us to understand better, let’s create an imaginative situation:

Let’s say that there was a very hungry boy and, doubtlessly, we all know the place he would go – kitchen. And when you are hungry, your eyes may look at the things in kitchen but may not pay attention for they will be looking only for food. Okay, so there is a hungry boy. O. Henry perhaps would lead him into the kitchen and introduce him everything there from washing sponge to forks, from frying pan to salt and everything. When, at last, the kid, losing his patience, barks saying: “I need not to know these things. I am hungry. Give me food.” O. Henry simply replies: “You are already holding the food in your hands, look! I introduced them and gave them to you!”

Of course, this is very surprising. This makes you laugh. You may even say: “oh, boy, this is a lot better to spend the time reading stuff like this than playing game on computer!” These things are certainly positive effects of the story.

And now, let’s look at what Chekhov might do. He, too, would lead the kid into the kitchen and show him where the food is and how to have use out of it. That’s all! At first, someone who is watching this situation may not understand what the author is trying to say and may fall into deep thinking. Well, to tell the truth, that – your falling into deep thinking could be the very thing author might have wanted you to do!

Chekhov says: “school educates children, and college educates teens, but is there a school for adults? Or do we think that adults are perfectly educated and they know everything? The answer is of course NO! For that very reason, there is to be a school where anyone – child or adult – can get education and that school is literature.


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author avatar MyShoh
14th Jul 2012 (#)

Quite true

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author avatar MyShoh
14th Jul 2012 (#)

I must also add that movies and theaters also play important role in aducating adults

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