Little Angel's Smile

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This poem for for unborn child and babies who became angels watching us from heaven.

Angel's Breath

Tiny feet tiptoeing on morning dewdrops
Silence brings small laughers in the air
On this bright morning
when the heaven opens its light
for little angels
waited by Father's arms.

Mother and father cried
mourning on life's abruptness.
Questioning God: "What have we done
to deserve this kind of fate?"

Thinking of what they would have miss:
Touch of soft hands,
Cute little smiles and sounds of tickles,
surrounding around the nursery room
now is just a big empty room.

"Mommy, Daddy don't cry.
God want me with Him.
He want me to be his angel
Now and forever
to watch you from heaven."


Affection, Angel, Angels, Angels Amongst Us, Angels Who Watch Over Us, Anger, Baby, Bundle Of Joy, Child

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author avatar Selriel
An accountant who is fond of writing poems.
I love being a writer, it gives us the opportunity to tell stories, to create a character, to design a situation and be God of our own writing.

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author avatar Adil Shereef
30th Oct 2015 (#)

A wonderful thought nicely done!! Though I wish you could have increased its length a bit... Then again wonderful job!!

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author avatar brendamarie
30th Oct 2015 (#)

very touching poem!!!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
30th Oct 2015 (#)

I look from the heaven,
I know the way.
But with the two of you,
I couldn't stay.
I told my true love,
And I walked afar.
Disappearing forever,
As the Eternal Flower.

Beyond the reach,
And seen by none.
As darkness now,
In tears just run.
Seeing my wings,
That blend for love.
Proving my message,
From heavens Above.

I am gone forever,
Cry for me not.
I know your eyes feel,
And leave you distraught.
But I never belonged,
To you as the Spring.
That pulled Autumn,
Making all hearts sing.

Gone is my pain,
And shackle of Life.
Darkness ended,
And so has strife.
For now you see it,
The Empty Nest.
All you ever wanted,
Was the upper crest.

Now I walk on,
Into Light of Life.
For I am who I am,
The Creators Wife.
Shining as the Sun,
With Rain on Earth.
Taking back Creation,
And laughter and mirth.

With all now bowing,
To Epitaph of Life.
I show the truth,
That ends the strife.
With no other able,
To mend that heart.
It stopped in the past,
And refused to start.

Now see it to believe it,
Go at it your way.
Much as I loved you,
I couldn't stay.
For I brought in Summer,
With Wintry Love.
Now under white snow,
I return to the One Above.

With that I walked home,
Into Arms of Life.
Showing the truth,
That ended all strife.
For Creator and Creation,
Knew truth of Spade.
The Sun never bowed,
Quit or Strayed.

Now they feel it,
As they see shell.
Putting them down,
In ravages of hell.
With Empty Nest,
No pattering feet.
The child gone back,
After short treat.

Telling the truth,
Of the Game of Love.
Where no other,
Replaces One Above.
For Now I smile,
But tears just pour.
For I walked into heaven,
That Love's Open Door.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 31st October 2015

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
3rd Nov 2015 (#)

What do we do without your output and opinion Lady A and by the way Seirel nice poem very touching, cheers!

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