Little girls dream and little girls cry and little girls wish for something more.

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Our childhood is marked with instances, emotional periods, experiences that we never forget. I indulge in a bit of deja vu as I journey back to a time in my life, with eager eyes and a wistful soul I peered into my hopes and dreams.

Just A Memory

The wood splintered-faded,
'neath knobby knees and a dipping pen.
Covered by a misshapen umbrella,
her cabana in the rain.

As the tears fell from the sky
to salt the earth.
A little girl sat spilling her woes
to an audience of one.

Cylinder with gnawed on plastic
the ink a mottled mess
staining fingertips with black.
Her newest conquest the grey curious cat,
with tender eyes and a nasty habit to bite.
Soft fur and lithe body weaved
to comfort goosebumps raised,
on her crouched profile.

The world was no oyster,
but a chinese finger trap.
Catching her with tightly crossed fibers
that squeezed and pulled
at her throbbing heart.

Hiding her face in a spiral notebook,
wanting to be seen yet yearning to crawl--
in attic spaces and lay claim to a wardrobe.
Her thoughts were patters of rain
on the roof, on the clanging feed bowl
sitting nearby on the concrete step.

Would she be a singer,
could she be an artist?
Would she fall and trip
to reach her dreams?

Her pen kept moving
revolving like the fan on her
scarred dresser, looping--whirring
her thoughts were flamenco dancers,
then ballerinas, then Fred Astaire and Ginger
on a starry night.
She hummed.
Crooning songs that had no business
there, in a day where,
music was an experiment.

No the rain was her thunder,
her lightning the words,
striking out as a lawless vigilante,
where cars filled with modern people
sped past and
didn't notice
a little girl dying inside,
a little girl wishing for
pretty lies and a window seat.
An audience with smiling faces,
and shining eyes,
where she could wear ballet slippers,
and dance the tango in a dress
that hid her knobby knees and
freckled cheeks.


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My real passion is writing poetry, but I also have begun to dabble in writing a children's story and a fictional novel. I also like finding fun facts about animals, I enjoy researching similar areas.

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author avatar Shamarie
20th Aug 2015 (#)

I love the emotion and tone of your work, Dawn! Great job!!!

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author avatar Carol Roach
21st Aug 2015 (#)

I too love the emotion of your work

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