Live Fast, Die Young

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The need to maintain a fast lifestyle reveals the lengths a person would go.

Living lies to avoid the truth.

I love my family and enjoy spending time with them but I spent more time with my uncles than with the rest of the family. I viewed them as my older brothers more so than as my uncles and I idolized them. However, while they were all cool, none of them were cooler than my uncle Dave.

Simply put, Uncle Dave was my hero. He just oozed charisma and had a natural swagger that couldn’t be replicated. He was carefree, easy going and soft spoken. He was that guy who men wanted to be and women wanted to be with. Generally speaking, he was a good guy.

However, Uncle Dave had one weakness:
Living Large

Uncle Dave loved the fast life and as a result of that, he found himself chasing it to the ends of the earth.

Uncle Dave had a full-time job and a side business which allowed him to live as large as he wanted to and while things were coming along, it was clear that they weren’t coming along fast enough to maintain the life and the financial stress to continue living in such a manner was taking a toll on him. While back in the day, he always wore a huge toothy grin, it was now replaced by a halfhearted smile which was accompanied by some tired eyes.

Then, disaster struck.

Apparently, one of the gas cylinders in his stove caught alight and his business premises caught fire. It took the firefighters a good couple of hours to kill the blaze and when they eventually did, it was nothing more than a smoldering pile of rubble.

Uncle Dave was devastated. His small business which he had worked so hard to maintain, and additionally his lifeline to his ailing finances had gone up in flames but fortunately, he had insurance so he planned on claiming.

Everyone who could help did all they could to support Uncle Dave while the claim was being processed and life went back to normal.

One day, I came back home to find my old man on the phone. While it wasn’t an unusual sight, the tone with which he was speaking in was odd. I went to the living room to chill. It wasn’t long my old man took a seat beside me and dropped a bombshell:

Your uncle just called, he says his claim was dismissed on the grounds of it being dishonest. He says that the insurance company suspect that he set up the fire and won’t pay up.


I was just floored. The guy loved his business and there was no way in hell he’d deliberately harm it. At least, that’s what I thought but my father immediately smelled a rat and to prove his point, laid a plan to catch my uncle out on his lie.

My old man called up Uncle Dave and insisted that he came over for the weekend and work out a plan going forward, to which my uncle agreed to.

And just like that, the plan was laid.

On the weekend, my uncle came through and while at first he was a tad reserved, that was all gone and he soon became his loud, boisterous self as he and my old man began reminiscing and downing some pints whilst I was left to man the barbecue.

But while my uncle came over with the intention to enjoy himself, my old man had his own motive and he was determined to meet it-by any means necessary.

My old man proved his capabilities as a master manipulator in that while they were busy drinking and talking about the good old days, he managed to maneuver the conversation to my uncle and the night of the fire with the intent of taking advantage of my uncles lowered inhibitions.

Uncle Dave stood no chance.

With skills akin to a prosecutor, my old man first picked apart my uncle’s tale of events before slowly getting the truth of the tale. When my uncle finally broke down and admitted his wrongdoing, at the end of his confession; my old man got his drink, took a couple of gulps and let out an exclamation signaling his satisfaction…whether it was to the much needed refreshment or from vindication of proving he was right was anyone’s guess.

Having gone through living the fast life, I can understand my uncle’s reasoning. You spend so much time living life fast and hard that it ages you more rapidly than usually and a fairly large cause of that is the need to maintain that lifestyle. You enjoy it so much and you don’t want to how life used to be so you live it up as much as possible but as the saying goes:

"Return your sword to its place, for all who will take up the sword, will die by the sword."


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