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Insight on living without fear, being able to identify and cope with fear based thinking


Hello everybody,

This is your girl Andina, coming to give you a little insight into a realization of a subject I have come across through meditation and direct practice. But for those who do not know me I will tell you a little about me before I continue. I am a spiritual enlightened and mentally conscious individual. Through my spiritual journey I have learned and experienced mind altering phenomenon. I have traveled out of my body, performed lucid dreaming, astral traveled, levitated, shape shifted, etc. But one practice that I have mastered and constantly use on a daily basis is the art of letting go.

The art of letting go is one of , if not, the most sophisticated and complicated arts to be mastered in this lifetime if one wants to escape the woes and grievances felt throughout this human experience, an art that I still have to keep constantly reminded of in my daily practice. I am not just talking about the typical Zen Buddhist mantra of letting go of the anger or sadness. Those are easy to achieve because the emotions of anger, sadness, rage, etc all stem from one of the only two real emotions a person has in their lifetime, which is fear and love. All negative emotions you feel are products of your natural engrained fear that has been with you your whole life. In understanding that it will be less challenging for you to let go of the fear.

Letting go of the fear is not only letting go of the things that you are afraid of i.e. phobias, nightmares coming true, etc. It is the fear of the unknown, of being accountable and responsible over your own life and the series of events that happen in your life. The fear of admitting when your wrong or you made a mistake, the fear of starting over, and/or the fear of trying or learning new things. The fear of being selfish and doing what is best for you always. The fear of being judged is also a big one to get over for everybody anywhere.

For me I had to let go of the fear to be able to manifest miracles in my own life and my own reality. Manifesting is something I will come to in a different article. Gaining the ability to let go of the fear will be something that can only be given to you through your inner self operator ( your conscious). Although meditation, healing affirmations, positive and constructive thinking, and healthy living practices are all things that can assist in your journey to living fearlessly.

Letting go of the fear will not only open your eyes to the true realities that exist in this world of illusion but it will give you the strength and vitality to get through any obstacle. Identifying fear in everything that makes you feel sad,mad,hurt,upset,afraid, etc will give you the chance to cope and let these basic animalistic feelings slide off you. You will feel and look younger. Sex will be better. Your overall appreciation of the human experience will sky rocket.

With everything said here, understand that even after you have come to point of living fearlessly, the paradigm prison planet we inhabit will see that and begin to concoct events to remind you to be fearful. Ignore them, and learn to see through the charade. Hope this provides insight and helps anyone searching for answers. Peace and Blessings.

Happy Reading!,



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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd May 2014 (#)

Inspiring, thanks for the share Andina. Doing our best, living for others, not being judgmental, help smooth ride on this planet. When in doubt, I do what my conscience dictates and not worry about the consequences - siva

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