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As i said earlier in my previous post that a real man lives responsibly, here are some of the things I think a man should put some effort on. To live a responsible life,a man needs to do the following.Read on.

Clarify Convictions

What do you stand and live for? What principles guide you? A man of convictions will not just follow the crowds or flow with the passions of the moment.A man of truth is predictable. God's word gives us principles to guide behaviour and the intimacy behind with the one behind it gives us the will to obey joyfully.
Every man must answer the authority question; "who do you report or answer to?" A president swears to rule by and defend the constistution. He has got to believe in it to defend it. That is conviction. What are your personal values? What informs them? Do they rest on a sure foundation? Do you have clear principles or do you make them as you go by?

Choose Right

Brother, think before you act. Consider the possible outcomes and consequences of your actions and choices. Temptations abound. The good book says we are tempted by our own desires. But we are not captives to our passions. A man has free will. What differentiates us from animals is the ability to say no to ourselves. To take the high road as opposed to the easy path is to be human. That said,choosing the right thing is easier said than done.
You need support systems,true friends. I have friends who are looking for my success. They will not allow me to do stupid things if I let them into my space. Every man needs friends who reinforce his convictions and guide him in his choices. Some choices are not painted in black and white,so you need counsel from true friends.
I constantly remind myself of the standards I live by. How? By reading God's word daily and hanging with those who share my convictions. Wrong crowd,wrong influence!


I depend on God's power. I pray to God to strengthen me especially when I face temptations. I am human and I often need a dose of the divine to make right choices. It takes more than the knowledge of what us right to do right. The Godly man in you needs constant energy to overcome the daily battles against the evil man that lives in your chest as well. Prayers to the Good Lord strengthens the good man inside. That's the place of faith.
Before Jesus was arrested for execution,He went to pray. He told His sleepy disciples,"watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptations. The spirit is willing,but the body is weak". Jesus was asking them to strengthen the spirit so that they may overcome the fallen desires of the weak body. They chose to sleep,and they failed at the test.


I get it wrong sometimes. I know you screw up and hurt self and others. We have a sinful nature that is shameless. You must be courageous enough to take responsibility of your mistakes,failures and sins. A real man admits liability. When Adam was cofronted about the failure of his family to make the right choice,he blamed the woman and her God: "the woman you put here with me-she gave me some fruit from the tree,and I ate it. Wrong and immature move!
Real men don't pass blame;they accept responsibility. To confess is to agree that you got it wrong. Seek for forgiveness and make it right. Change of mind precedes change of action.

King David's Story

There was a guy named Dave. His culture had allowed him to marry more than one wife,and he was happy to take that route. He was off duty one day when he noticed a woman bathing. She was irresistible! (Few things are as attracvtive to a man's eyes as a feminine body on display!). Being a man in power,he sent an agent to inquire about her. The beauty confessed that she was married to one of Dave's staff. She was simply saying. 'I am taken,I belong elsewhere!" That didn't stop a passionate Dave. He got her. The unexpected happened-it was enough passion to make a baby! Huge problem for the King. Long story short,Dave organized for the elimination of her husband for cover up.
God was mad,because he was wronged. His protective law of love was disregarded. Secondly,the family of the woman was rendered fatherless and a baby happened,unplanned. These parties were wronged. Lastly the community was wronged. The man they respected and looked up to had fallen. The highest public officer in the land abused his office in bad behaviour. Not pretty. It took a prophet to force Dave into confession. Fair enough he asked for forgiveness from God and people. Psalm 51 is part of the guy's sorrowful confession.

Clarify Your Convictions,Make Right Choices and Return To the Right Path.

A clear conviction doesn't guarantee proper choices,but it lays a foundation for it. A commitment to make the right choice and stick by it even when it is inconviniencing is what gets you there. When you fall,gather yourself up and get up.God has provided all that you need to live right. Failure is a choice. But failure is not final; confession is the way out.
A responsible man uses his convictions to map out his life,commits to the path by making the right choices,and has enough senses to acknowledge his failures and correct his ways.


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author avatar Judy Ellen
24th Feb 2015 (#)

Wow! What an amazing Godly man you are! We need more men with strong convictions like you! I look forward to learning more about the Lord from you! Thank you for writing on the things of the Lord!!

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author avatar Carol Roach
24th Feb 2015 (#)

excellent article, well done!

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author avatar Harris Mungai
25th Feb 2015 (#)

Thank you Judy and Carol for your kind comments.

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author avatar Retired
25th Feb 2015 (#)

You write very educational articles. Yes, responsibility is a need Great post!

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