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Looks at how love can capture the heart, and how it feels to be totally in love. It describes the chemistry that exists between two people that are meant for each other and often spell-bind each other.

Swimming in your heart

Why is it that I try to run from how I feel?
This is the question that makes me reel.
The answer to that lies in your eyes,
To disguise these heartfelt energies would be unwise.
This longing to get a glimpse of your eyes is hard to fight,
Passion is wrong for the mind but for the heart it's oh so right.

Your rays of sun brighten up my day,
Even the hands of time want me to make you stay.
If I lost my house I wouldn't be homeless,
To be in love with you would make me entirely blameless.
My permanent residence lies in your heart
It has an iron door so I cannot part.

This powerful energy renders me weak in the knees
It's you my heart aches to please.
Every day I swim in your deep red pool,
No need for swimming lessons as I am such a love fool.
The water in the pool never evaporates
My love for you never deteriorates.

I long for the day that we never have to work,
It is the work of love and desire that I don't want to shirk.
Neither of us can put out the flames of this desire,
I am so glad we started this heart-tugging fire.
So I promise you that I will never let us falter,
Even after we've had our say at the altar.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Nov 2012 (#)

Such passion and deep feelings are what should make a union endure; let not any hiccups make it break! Straight out of the heart, powerful feelings - siva

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