Long Talk, Short Walk

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A man was waiting for a date and in the same restaurant, a woman suffers the same plight. Suddenly, their expected dates stood them up. Finding themselves in the same situation at the same time in the same place prompted a sequence of events to occur. These events will unveil the consequences (good or bad) of tying their fates together.

Stranded in the Restaurant

“Hello Queen-delight, I’m Nelly” he greets as soon as he reaches her table. “Hello mysterious stranger” she responds. This young lady has been sitting in the restaurant for the past thirty minutes, sipping her Lemonade with a countenance full of anticipation but gradually enveloped in disappointment as she periodically looks at the door and reacts to any walking step coming towards her.
“May I?” He pulls the seat directly opposite hers, away from the table as he politely requests. “Maybe, but there is no point doing this, because I am not interested” she replies in indifference. “I get it, but not to worry, we share in the same plight” he smiles. “Really? This feels so, so bad” she complains “I know, but as for my case, I am not surprised” he laments. “How is that?” she asks “the lady was already saying I am not her type. She is way taller than I am and most significantly, she prefers light-skinned guys and as you can see, I am a direct opposite to the later”. She cannot hold her laughter, showing it in a contained manner “I am sorry for that Mr. Black man, but you are so cute and manly” she comforts “well, as they say, different strokes for different folks, but no regrets, no regrets at all”.

A Romantic Dinner!

The young lady, now relaxed and comfortable interacts with this new guy so bold, interesting and enchanting “have you experienced this before?” “Not really, but I’ve always been taunted in my secondary school days. In my first two years, I was called ‘pm to pm’, then ‘bank of darkness’ in my third year till my final year when the most epic of names was given to me, can you guess?” She laughs out loud, carefully decelerating her excitement before she comes to calm “Okay, let me try, emm… emm… Sergeant colour extinction?” She guesses with the hope to impress “What! Where did you get that from?” “I don’t know, I am guessing, remember?” she continues laughing “thank God you were not in my school” he talks with an artificial relief “Okay, try again” he encourages. She tries to think “okay… okay… emm.. emm, Tinted Nelly?” At this point he also cannot hold himself as he laughs with her and then he continues “You are a bad-ass, a real bad-ass!” She laughs so freely and carelessly while he continues “I was named ‘on-the-light’. She laughs so hard, hitting her hands on the table as tears welled up her eyes. “You took all these?” “Of course, do I have a choice? Ironically, they made me so popular and I still got all I needed and dated the girls I wanted”.
“I see! That is interesting, how does that work for you?” a gradual switch of seriousness, she portrays and he notices “I do not see it that way. I do not use any formula nor have a planned strategy, I’m just me and I go for what I like, it is as simple as that” he replies. “Then don’t expect anything more than just a compensatory conversion to our disappointing evening” she warns.
“It isn’t a disappointing evening. Not for me, not even for you”
“so now you speak for me?”
“No princess, but today’s bliss is too wonderful to deserve such denial from you, don’t you think?” “hmm! Your confidence and persistence are mind blowing. I should have rejected you right from the beginning” “but you didn’t, which is a good thing. You obviously are a strong woman, independent, self-reliant and outrageously intimidating, but I leave all these observations for the boys” he said .
“How’s that?” she curiously asks “A boy will say ‘what if she says no’, but a man would say ‘what the heck, the worst she can do is to say ‘no’. Every woman is the same; the difference is their makeup and adopted outlook” “Damn! You are annoyingly outspoken and direct. Adopted outlook indeed, if this is your formula, then I bet you that you have lost already” “then I guess I will just go home and jack off to the point junior will jump off my pelvis”. “What! You are insane, I haven’t given you the liberty to go naughty, you shouldn’t have told me that” she complains which is followed by his laughter “heaven helps those who help themselves” he remarks “Jeez! You are blasphemous too; please leave this topic before you spoil this wonderful evening I am having”
“Aha! She has confessed! She has confessed!” he exclaims while his gestures beg for attention from other customers around.

Placing an Order

“Okay, we can convert this to the original plan of a date if you do not mind” he suggests ‘that sounds good but opportunistic” she replies “Every first acquaintance between a guy and a girl is usually opportunistic” he defends. “No! No! No! I do not agree, there are acquaintances which naturally start from friendship. The way of their propagation is as though such a relationship is destined to happen” She objects “that’s true princess of philosophy, I said ‘usually’” he stresses and continues “Okay, I will place my order now, what about you?” “I’ll prefer to continue with my lemonade” she cautions “is that it?” he exclaims, asking in disappointment “yes, that’s it”. Not feeling satisfied, he brought another option with the hope she accepts “I will order for sauced beef for the two of us (scans through the menu with his right fore-finger), while we both take Lemonade, is this okay with you?” feeling impressed she replies “yet again, your persistence shows, do I have a choice? I will go with it”.

Nerds in Love

He looks round to discover a couple four tables away “damn! That is a nerdy table over there” she looks towards the direction and laughs “you think nerds do not know how to relax?” she laughs again and continues with a more serious look “the combo is too devastating and one sided. The lady also dresses as a nerd? Are we seeing a nerdy-couple there?” “Yeah, that is my point. Nine months from now, they should name their child Pythagoras” he replies which prompts her to laugh “You have funny ideas”.
“Is that your own way of saying I am funny?”
“Come on Mr. talkative, do not hype yourself” “Yes Ma!” He submits.
“So, is this how you get the girls? Make them laugh and create hilarious events for them to relax and open up to you?” “No my dear, you sound like I am a scavenger, I don’t perambulate around seeking for females to devour, but definitely, if my attention is enslaved and I am wholly captivated, I do not hesitate” he explains.
“lovely! You are good with just the right words too. So are you saying I captivated you?” “Yes, you’ve said it, just the way it is. Ever since I noticed anxiety from your anxious looks of every walking step coming from the door and your panicking fingers manifesting on the table, I started praying none of our dates shows up”.
“Your prayer indeed has been answered, but my anxiety shouldn’t be that sexy to captivate you”.
“Yes, it did, among other things. Your skimpy skirt’s extension of a pair of closed fleshy knees stood as headlights of hidden adult foreplay, sensually inviting caress from yonder and massage from under” he confesses.
“INCREDIBLE! For real?” she exclaims, drawing back her trunk in surprise as he continues “it didn’t just stop there, the same legs when you crossed them, one on top the other with your axiomatic spreading thighs in a semi-secret mini environment drives me to coma to polish such a temptation in sweet submissive care like a carefully rubbed suede”. She stares at him, completely dumbfounded and confused with her jaw well rested on her left locked fist. The waiteress comes around and serves their beef sauce and glass cups of Lemonade, but it took her some time to begin eating on his request. “Now I know your formula and I refuse to give in, your countenance radiates the aura of a playboy and I can see that you are a master of your own tricks” she flaunts.
“Oh my dear, is everything to you a formula or some game? Whether you accept it or not, provided you do not want to act cheap, some guy must come your way and try to talk you into becoming a part of his life, irrespective of how far he wants you to participate in it. So whether you call it formula or trick or a game, it doesn’t matter. Most importantly, we are here and let’s see how this goes” he preaches with a serious countenance.
“But you’ve definitely done this to other women, all your actions this evening seem rehearsed” she proclaimed. Now on a lighter and cheerful mood he replies “I have definitely met other women before you, but here I am, still single. That is life! I am sure you’ve met other guys too and here you are, still single. The guy you were expecting today stood you up. I am sure you never expected it, considering how he might have played all the verbal stunts on you too. That is life”. Feeling convinced she asks “So what’s it about me?”
“It’s very simple! Your composure, your flare, your biological makeup, your laughter and everything on you joins in the symphony as your body all round asks to be nursed, a hundred places resonating with mesmerizing excitements when one part is teased. When you stood up to go to the wash room, your loose dress, shows off independence with the winds, presenting such gracious limbs to be a mirror of elegant reflection where beauty peeps and marvels at itself”.

Wooing a Woman in Progress!

“Wow! I don’t know if I can take this” She exclaims while shaking her head in disapproval. “What is it that you cannot handle my dear? You are obviously an adult and have gone through this process over and over again” He encourages. “But you do not even know me” She complains “Yes, darling, is that not why we are having a conversation? We are already in the process, I have presented myself to you and I have shown you my interest of getting to know you. Don't you want to know me?” She defends with a little aggression “do not put this on me Nelly or whatever you call yourself”.
“Good!” He exclaims and continues “You know my name, but did you tell me yours?” “You didn’t ask, Mathilda! Mathilda is the name”. She responds.
After about 10 seconds, the mood becomes calm while they chew their beef and sip their drinks. “So, can you tell me what happened?” He tries initiating a conversation, “For the record, I am a married woman” she announces with no remorse. “Oh dear! I am so sorry; your husband stood you up” He sympathizes but she reacts with great laughter “My husband? He is probably now in a hotel with another young and I mean much younger lady” she reveals. “WHAT! You know that” He asks, “yeah! That is why I decided to give myself such liberty as well. I am tired of staying patient and hoping he changes, he tells me to my face that he is a man and it is okay for him to be unfaithful and not the other way round. The first three men I have tried setting up a date with, he somehow found out and frustrated my outings. He is this unseen investigator, this selfish bastard who treats me like his remote. I have complained to family and the church and all I get is ‘persevere, you should stay strong’”, she complains in great agony. He sympathizes with more pity “I am so sorry dear, it is unfortunate a very beautiful woman like you is passing through this terrible experience……” she cuts in “he’s always saying, ‘if obeying me is difficult deal with it or else throw your life into the casket’……” he cuts in “HOLY SMOKE! He sounds like my boss” she continues “he is so mean, so mean, so mean (hits the table with her right hand several times while speaking)” she now fight her tears.
“Hey! Hey! Hey! Look at me, please look at me” he carefully holds her left cheeks with his right hand as he steadies it to one direction towards him, “you are a strong woman; you can do whatever you want, since you’ve tried to put things into shape. Search for whatever gives you happiness and when you find it, do not look back. A good life void of his attention may be what will bring him back to you”.
“I am so sorry for bugging you with this, I do not even know if I still love him. Sometimes, I miss him, but I know he does not deserve me. Please, do not be discouraged by this, I just wanted to let you know so that we can be on an equal platform of consent” He smiles and replies “don’t worry angel, I am okay and nothing has changed. If you want me to be here for you, I will be okay”.
“No Nelly. I want this evening to be a very good one. This is my first ever successful date after my marriage. I want to have a nice time” She assures as she takes a deep breath and simultaneously cleans both eyes with corresponding middle fingers. “Calm down Angel! Calm down! The last thing I’m here to do is to judge you. In fact, I wasn’t expecting this recent event. I’m going nowhere, because I’m here for a reason”. “What reason could that be? You’ve observed my thighs, succulent body and deceptive skirts, so I guess you want to take it solo on me, sexually right?” She now speaks calmly with the gesture of a juvenile seduction. “Actually I do, but it’s not all about that. I love the mutual respect currently in display. Let’s light up the burner before we get to the fire” he encourages and continues “You’re so different and I like it”.

I am not like your other women!

“Interesting! So what makes me different from your other women, if really I’m different to you?” “Well, for a start, you are married” he replies in indifference which provokes a stare of dismay from her and then he continues “Sorry, I’m just joking my dear. When you have been disappointed from a little expectation and while still relishing on the feeling, you get a hundred times more; every positive feeling becomes heightened and beyond words. That is how I currently feel with you right now. Other women of my past have given me something sweet and soft let’s say like an Apple, refreshing with every bite but you already are giving me a wonderful presentation of green grapes mixed with ripe passion fruits and strawberries and complemented with the extracted juices of pineapples” he proclaims.

“But I hope you’ve not forgotten that I’m married” she cautions.
“What about that? What matters to me is your consent sweetheart. You’ve oiled my soul with your lustful Vaseline, making my short limb measure the degrees of your heat from the resulting explosive imaginations, that’s why my pride, my conquests, my ego, my strength and all the alarm of my manliness, you’ve managed to mysteriously put on complete silence”.
“Oh dear, you are killing me with your words. It has been a while I have heard such lines. This generation is a fast moving one to the point new relationships have no time for romantic lines. I have not completely lost my faith though with what I am experiencing now” she speaks slowly and sensually, then he replies while holding her left hand with his right caressing it from fingers to the elbow joint as he continues to talk “It is glaring that the sheltering skin to the abundance of your erotic power is in need of a covering. I will drill out wines of your soul’s comfort for this satisfaction so handicapped to experience the luxury of my sinking and embracing bed. You make me wonder why you face this torment, because such glow you radiate, to my worship of you will always be an improper fraction”.

Man Seduction!

She marvels at his every word, staring at him graciously and happily as they spring out of his thick and very active lips “let me get something straight, are you also married?” She asks “no my dear, no one on planet Earth is as single as I am right now” he affirms. “Good! You really are getting me scared because your words come with flashes of experience from a man who cares or at least knows how to care for a woman”. He laughs “Sweet Mathilda, every sweet word spoken today is no doubt your doing and not mine. Just these few minutes of observing you have put my senses to a complete rapture. Conversing with you already feels like knowing you for decades”.
Now whispers, “your voice even when in tears is so peaceful and refining that in your kingdom, there’s no rusty roof, making my hormones fidget like little lieutenants as they fuel an aggressive mass movement for nature to visit a therapist to aid its creative power for the birth of more of you”. She responds with a whisper too “Ushhh! You’ve managed to pump a swamp in my under. Can you now convert your words to manifest physically on my bare?” Coming close to her, he stares intensely “Okay sweetheart, let’s get out of here”.

Take the Risk and be Mine!

He calls on the waiteress’ attention, pays for the meal and both leave the restaurant. Just outside the front door of the arena, he announces “You see that hotel there (pointing at a luxurious building not far from the restaurant, while she looks and nods her head in a positive reply), I’ve booked a room already”. She slaps his arm in a playful reaction “What a bad guy you are! I’ll not be surprised if you know all the hotels in Abuja” He laughs and while speaking, he makes gestures in accordance to his conversation, making her so free and loose also “no I don’t sweetheart. We can take a slow walk to the hotel. I want the evening breeze decorated with the street lights of a modern city with flashes and sparkles of civilization in the same frequency with mother nature in green to collectively sing a romantic hymn of welcome as we match in royalty and with golden steps into a classified paradise just for two”.

Half way the road, he tickles her and she reacts in a speed of light, jumping and expressing a mood so happy and embroiled in sensuality. He does it again and this time, it produces even more reaction as she begins to hypocritically complain “It tickles me a lot, please stop” “Do you really want me to stop?” he asks “Come on! It is making me go crazy and act so neonatal” she explains “then you are exactly where you supposed to be with me” he defends and continues “I just admire the whole of you when you react that way. Your every movement and actions are sprinkled with little erotic flakes. I will not be surprised if nature sits down beauty for a serious interview because of you. Young Adults believe in love but to your passionate affection, I’m a complete extremist”. She laughs out loud in reaction, but exclaims “EXTREMIST! DAMN! Your choice of words is getting out of hand. Don’t make me too excited please (then she begins to act sober) I cannot even believe I am doing this. I still do not know you well enough to share a bed with you. (Screams) WHAT AM I EVEN DOING? This is beyond risky”. He grabs her two hands gently “look at me Mathilda (she does), take a deep breath (she does), please just relax okay (she gently nods in agreement). What makes life spill on wheels is taking risks. Risks come in various forms and without them we cannot achieve anything or explore the world or even understand ourselves. To know who you really are, risk is needed; whenever you wake up from bed, going to the bathroom to ease yourself or brush your teeth you are taking some risks because some may stumble, fall and even die when they do that. These are simple illustrations on taking risks and all I am saying is, Life has to keep moving only by taking risks in different forms or magnitudes. Please, take this risk with me but also see it to be more for your own good to re-discover who you are, your happiness and what you really want, as for me, I want to do this with you”.
She looks at him in the eyes while talking “I know gentleman, it’s just that this particular risk is one which has not been taken before. I never thought I will even go this far” he smiles, kissing her forehead, then rests her two hands on his shoulders “the free gravitational pull from a gigantic water fall dignifies pleasure to combat its corresponding risk. You are already sitting on the moving roller coaster with me sweetheart, which is moving on ropes that may seem to but will never cut”. She embraces him “you are so sweet Nelly; I want to believe you are not saying all these just to sleep with me. I am beginning to really, really like you” “No sweetheart, this is the beginning of an endless journey on a road constructed with precious stones” he assures “I hope so, lovely man” she replies.

A 5 Star Hotel

As they enter through the gate of the hotel, she instructs “You’ll need protection. I only do it bare with my husband” “No problem dear” he replied. As they get closer to the entrance, he excuses himself while she waits; he goes to one of the parked cars and opens it with an automatic key. He partially goes in, then gets some small packs. After locking the car, he comes to her.
“So you had this all planned out right?” she marvels. “Yes my dear, but for the girl who stood me up, kindly enough, I got you, which is a better situation” he replies.
“Your car is nice, Ford Taurus is not so common here” She compliments. “Thank you sweetheart, I love uncommon things” he brags. She laughs while responding “One thing I discovered about you today is that you are a bunch of uncommon things, so I will let you flaunt your ego so far as this issue is concerned”.

In the reception hall, the two stand near the reception desk as the receptionist tries to get their keys. After making three phone calls she pleads “Please madam, please sir, just bear with us. We are working on the Air conditioners. We had some electrical issues just 4 hours ago and it affected the air conditioning of some rooms. Your room and another are left to be taken care of. So please, kindly sit down there and wait for let’s say the next 10 minutes. The couple over there is also doing the same because they are the guests of the other room affected” Nelly and Mathilda join the couple; they exchange pleasantries and begin a conversation.

It's Our Honey Moon

“Newly married?” Nelly asks. “Yes, this is the second day of our honey moon” “Wow! That is beautiful” Mathilda exclaims. “So how is married life? I believe you two are married?” The lady asks and after looking at each other for a few seconds, Nelly responds “Married Life is incredible and so much fun, only if you allow it to be fun filled” “I intend it to be that way and I am happy my husband seems to be game” the lady hopes.
“I hope you are taking it easy with your lady, boy! The first few days of marriage is always red, perfect and so steaming-hot. Take it easy because with time, you will get used to it” Nelly advises. “What do you mean? Oh! The sex?” The man asks as all laughs and then he continues “I am not taking it likely with her in that aspect o. She made me wait for 7 years and now that I’ve got it, I have to act like the real and true owner, you know what I mean?” Everyone laughs, as he continues “I will explore all styles, even if there is a hanging or teleporting one, we will try them all” at this point, even the receptionist laughs. “If you give her bow-leg, you will have to stick with her like that o” Nelly warns. “Yes, I am a young doctor, presently doing my internship, so no qualms, I have the remedy, because nothing will stop me from maximizing my sexual adventure”.
“Please o! Let him do anything he wants to do, because I do not want him to even look sideways let alone outside (everyone laughs) so any advice for us?” The lady calmly asks “Yes! Take your marriage day by day and ensure you explore everything you can before you get old, which you already have in mind to do, I really commend you for that” Mathilda responds. ‘What about you sir?” the man asks. “Well, I will say marriage is not a cage as most people say it is. You still need to have your space” the three look anxiously at Nelly as he continues “yes, you all seem shocked. But the truth still remains, you are two unique and different individuals and privacy does not in any way mean secrecy. Do not keep secrets with each other, but as unique and different individuals, you still need your privacy. When you grow to love each other so well and mature in that love, you will know and understand each others weak points and know how to protect them. Sometimes doing this entails keeping some information or events away from your spouse, not because you want to harm them or hurt them but because you love them. Look at my wife here (patting Mathilda’s back), she can be so paranoid and easily excited (she looks at him confused). Do you think for example, I will show her my messages if peradventure I receive death threats from my business competitors and rivals?”
The man cuts in “Sir, with all due respect, we had a Christian marriage and I believe 1+1 is 1. That is the foundation of the Christian marriage, so I cannot keep anything and I mean ANYTHING from my wife” Nelly smiles “I understand you and know that feeling. For the record, I am a Christian too. Yes, you are now one body, but there are times the left hand needs not know what is happening on the right if it is for the best. If Abraham had told Sarah he will be sacrificing Isaac, what do you think would have happened, considering the number of years, the circumstances and even the trials she passed through in order to get the same son God has made a sacrificial lamb? There can be a thin line between secrecy and privacy and all I am saying is, you need to still have your little privacy, contrary to some of the marriage counseling I hear these days. If only you love each other so well and trust each other, having that little space will not be an issue. You are still new in this, so I will not bug you with too much talk, but as you grow in your marriage, ponder on what I have said okay!”
Mathilda stares at Nelly overwhelmingly, then he reacts to her action "What! Can you swear that you've told me about all the men who tried to woo or even asked you out?" She looks at him in disarray wondering why he acts so well as if they were actually married, giving him no reply he continues "You see! (facing the newlyweds) She doesn't have to be doing that all the time. As a matter of fact, it will get to a time, it'll seem she is throwing her admirers back to my face. She only shares these situation with me when it gets out of hand and that is another practical example of having your privacy".
Mathilda never takes her dilated eyes off him as the shock waves from this weird and very interesting stranger sucks her circulation.

7 Years Of Marriage Still Feels New

“For how long have you been married?” the lady asks and in reflex Mathilda and Nelly answers “7 years”, “9 years”. Both smile and Nelly speaks ‘Actually, we dated and lived together for 2 years, after which we got married and now its year 7. “Wow! That is good. And this privacy thing worked for you?” the man asks. “Yes, so well my dear” Mathilda replies.
“Then I am very happy for you. Just look at you two, still feeling each other as if it was yesterday” the lady responds and continues “how many kids do you have?” In reflex once again Mathilda and Nelly give different answers “2”, “3”. Both smile and yet again Nelly speaks “One is dead, we now have two” Mathilda responds in shock as she stares bitterly at him, then he pats her back as he forces a comforting embrace on her “It’s okay darling, we have already gone past this”.

The Hotel Receptionist

“Okay, your rooms are ready” the receptionist announces as both couples take their keys, exchange pleasantries and go their separate ways. The young lady whispers to her husband “I admire them a lot but there is something not right about them” he responds “Me too! I can feel it, but what the heck, it is not our problem, I am exhausted, let’s go and sleep”

While waiting for the elevator, Mathilda speaks “Where did all that come from? Really, who are you?” Nelly laughs “I am everything I have told you. Relax sweetheart, for the fact I am single does not mean I cannot give marriage advice” “No my dear, you are not fit for any form of marriage advice, even if you quote the bible which I strongly believe in”, “and yet one of the greatest marriage counselors in the same Bible you believe in is Apostle Paul, a man who never got married” he defends.
“Damn! You are indeed so smart (the mood changes to a calm and sensual one), but that was close (both laughing as their foreheads and noses meet), I was thinking you will step down for me to answer the second question about our kids” she jokes “Me too, I thought so too” he replies. “You are a crook and a baptized liar, I hope you know that” she tells as she laughs “Yes, so are you and that makes us the perfect couple, don’t you think?” As he talks, his hands slide down the sides of her body from chest to waist. She slaps them away, but he places them back as he gradually slides them to the middle of her torso. The sound she creates disturbs those in the reception hall and just as his two hands are about reaching the mid line of her pelvis to meet, the elevator opens.

Doing It In the Elevator!

In the elevator, she grabs him, pinned to one of its four walls “for the last time, tell me something nice chocolate hammer” he laughs “Chocolate hammer? Really? Hmm! I love what you are doing girl. You are already sparking up my senses, yet retaining your gentle being blooded by raging tenderness. If wild beasts would lick your bones, the jungle will be clouded by sweet affection and romance; if the rains fall through the planes of your endowments, vapours of lust and desires will spring out of the Earth”.

At this point, she gives him an exotic dance with really sensual moves as both torsos rub each other while she performs some erotic plays and scenes on him from head to pelvis, then she speaks with a voice half-vocal with touches of whispers “You’ve successfully captured my sexual attention, so what will you do when we enter our paradise of two? You have no choice other than to impress me boy”. He smiles, licking his lips all through her display, raising his two hands pinned on the wall in absolute erotic surrender and in the same way he replies, but a little slower with his eyes periodically closing in reaction to such intense pleasure “My moving tongue with great incontinence will dance through your inside, rendering the formality of your honourable body into serious jeopardy (umm! She sensually reacts). I’ll raise our temperatures and blood pressures to a level, giants can’t handle, then the spread of your legs will end all teases and from then on, nothing will unglue me from the downside of you”. Still in the same mood, same vocal tone and intense atmosphere she replies “damn! You always have something to say. Are you this good or you are just a bad, bad, bad boy?” he replies “Just a bad, bad, bad boy”.

The elevator’s entrance opens and they walk out, along the hotel’s aisle on the 8th floor like newlyweds, playing with each other as they reach their room. While trying to get the keys, another elevator (which is exactly half way the aisle and very close to their room) opens and then another couple, slightly drunk comes out. “VICTORIA!” The man from the other couple screams and then pointing his fore-finger at Mr. Nelly he threatens “You! I’ll deal with you in the worst possible way”.

“You this bastard, you call yourself a husband but look at you now. Sex is free for everyone o! You go hump and rump while I play around, no loser!” Mathilda screams at her husband as she drags Mr. Nelly to proceed opening the door but he refuses.
“What is the matter, sweet Nelly? You do not have an issue with my husband and he can do nothing to you” she assures. “My actual name is Ndudu Abasi and your husband is my boss at work” he reveals. Cold runs through her veins as the girl who stands in shame with Mathilda’s husband walks to Nelly with her head bowed, removes her engagement ring and throws it on the floor right in front of him. In the dead silence, she walks away leaving Mathilda and her husband shocked and dumbfounded as Nelly picks the ring up and leaves in the opposite direction.


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