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A time when camping with friends turned into something out of a horror movie.

When faced with fear, man must do the sensible thing and run.

When I was a kid, I used to visit my grandfather who stayed in a rural area which might sound boring but there’s so much fun to be had if you decide to look for it. A favourite activity of mine was to sit around a campfire with some friends and tell ghost stories amongst us.

After a while, I just stopped going and focused on my own things, but I recently went back to pay the old man a visit and it was as if we were back in old times. Everyone was happy to see me and I was equally happy to see them. After meeting up with the family, I sought out some of my childhood friends, reconnected and planned another campfire for old times’ sake.

Now because back in the day we were kids, we weren’t allowed to go camping on our own but now that we were all grown up, we decided to pack some food and drink and head to a remote spot and soon enough, it was just like the old days with us sitting by the fire, telling stories and generally trying to freak each other out.

Because it had become so late, my friend and I decided to accompany a female friend home for safety reasons. We were walking along, making jokes and such but the conversation soon hit a point where we were discussing the stories and if whether we believed they were true or not. As we were going along, recounting the campfire stories and questioning their legitimacy, my friend and I noticed that our female friend was getting more and more uncomfortable (this was probably due to it being practically pitch black, and the details of the stories we were telling).

To sum it up, we had a light bulb moment and decided to start messing with her. My friend was carrying a flashlight and every now and again, he’d turn it off and complain about the batteries. When that happened, my friend would freak out and curse him when he switched it back on.

This happened a couple more times before we knocked it off but we’d already laid the seeds to a grand finish.

As mentioned, we’d decided to stop fooling around and began speaking about normal things just to calm the girl we were accompanying down and soon enough, she regained her composure and joined in the conversation. However, while we were chatting, my friend stopped dead in his tracks, and the colour fucking drained from his face. It was as if he’d seen a ghost.

Initially, the chick thought my friend and I were back to our mischief but seeing the confusion on my face combined with the catatonic state my friend was in, she lost her shit. Despite my confusion, I tried to question my friend to find out just what the hell was wrong with him.

His response - two simple but effective words.
"Look there..."

I turn to the area where he has the flashlight focused and as I did so, the fucken grass rustled and... something moved.

I didn’t wait around to see just what the hell it was and I don’t remember much of what happened afterwards but when my senses returned, I found myself running in the dark like a man possessed. My friends were nowhere to be seen but I didn’t care.

All I knew was I had to get away.

By some stroke of luck, I managed to find my way back to where we had camped out. When I reached the campsite, I collapsed onto my sleeping bag in sheer exhaustion but my mind continued to race.

I was just in complete shock that things went from zero to hundred in a matter of seconds.

What the hell did I see?
What the hell happened back there?
Where are the others? Are they dead?
How the fuck am I gonna explain this?
Jesus Christ…

I think I must’ve been so tired that I eventually drifted off to sleep but was soon woken up to a couple of voices that sounded like they were approaching the campsite. With bated breath, I laid still whilst peering through the tent to see who the voices belonged to.

It was my friend and the chick we were accompanying.

Immediately, I got out of the tent to find out what happened but didn’t get any answers because as soon as they saw me, they just burst out laughing. It turned out that my dickhead of a friend wanted to scare the chick, but instead got me.

My friend insists that he was playing around but I still believe to this day that the bastard saw something in that field. The fear in his eyes was way too authentic to be of a person playing around and because he’s not an actor or training to be one, I refuse to believe that he has some hidden acting talent equivalent to the likes of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.


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