Look to the Fox

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Christophe never felt like he belonged in his family, especially since his mother didn't want him in the first place. So after staying a night at a friend's, he goes searching for something else.


He sat at the dining table as waffles topped in a strawberry syrup, whipped cream and powdered sugar with breakfast sausages, black and white pudding and a bowl of fruit salad. Boris and Dimitri sat across from him whereas Master Mutigizar sat at the head of the table. Daphne was sucking on kiwis next to him. He had finished his first waffle and was beginning his second when Ioanna came fluttering in a white daydress. She yawned and then stared at Christophe.
‘Toffee, how do you feel this morning?’
He smiled at her. ‘Fine. Thank you Miss Mutigizar.’
‘Oh Toffee, just because you’re in front of my family, doesn’t mean you have to be formal. And may I remind you that you’re going to be family quite soon.’
‘If your father approves the match,’ said Christophe.
‘Why wouldn’t papa approve it?’
‘Because I’m not convinced Eloi Briar is a good fit for you. You had other suitors that you said you were in love with for months and if I had approved of them you would be married to either a gambler or a drunk,’ said Master Mutigizar.
‘But Papa! You know the family this time.’
‘Do I?’ he asked and looked directly at Christophe.
Christophe shrugged. He wasn’t going to ruin his brothers’ prospects.
‘Of course you do. They’re the kind that keeps yelling how polite and proper they are while they don’t actually do anything that is proper or polite,’ said Daphne.
Christophe smiled. He always wondered what Daphne was like when she was sober.
‘If you ask me, you shouldn’t go anywhere near the place when Christophe isn’t there.’
‘How sweet of you, Daphne,’ said Christophe. He took a sip of his tea.

Leaving the Mutigizar Household

After eating breakfast, he wiped his mouth with the napkin and then stood up and bid everyone good bye and a good morning. He put on his coat and got into a taxi despite the protests of Dimitri. He told the driver to keep going and soon found himself on the edge of the Red Territory. He got out of the taxi and paid. Then he turned his red coat inside out to reveal the blue side. How tempting it was to think about leaving but he got back into the taxi and headed back home.
He wasn’t two steps inside the house when his mother delivered a crushing blow, knocking him to the floor.
‘How dare you! How dare you embarrass us by coming home late.’
‘I went out after I ate breakfast.’
‘For two hours?’
‘I got up late,’ he said, picking himself up off the floor.
Another blow was given.
‘Clean yourself up. I expect dinner to be made quickly.’
‘By the way, Master Mutigizar has pictures of my back. You may want to meet with him to persuade him that Eloi is a decent match.’
‘How could you let this happen to your brother? It’s your fault! Good for Nothing, I should’ve aborted you!’
‘But you couldn’t! You had a deal with my father. You know I’m the only one who knows what he actually is.’
That earned him a slap but he was ready for that one. He stared into her eyes. ‘What a miserable person you are, mother. All of your hopes and dreams crushed because of your punishment of me.’ He walked into the hall, down the servant stairs, down to his bedroom. He looked at his face and washed the blood off. He almost wished that she had aborted him and that made him angry. A couple of maids passed by and he couldn’t help but notice one of them was pregnant.
‘Oi, you wot’s you gonna do with a bae?’ he asked.
‘Gonna raise him.’
‘He’s not one of Eloi’s, is he?’
‘Of course. Master Eloi said he’s gonna pay good money for this bae.’
‘Good luck,’ said Christophe and closed the door. He counted the seconds like one would do after hearing a thunder clap and then the door opened. Lord Fisker was there in the door way.
‘Christophe, you know it’s the grace of the gods I let you live here.’
‘Should’ve threw me out long ago, Lord sir.’
‘Christophe! Your mother is upset that she had to hit you.’
‘Is she? Oh good. Are your sons as upset as she?’
‘If they knew that hitting you would result in this, I doubt they would have.’
‘No, they would just move the whippings from my back to my front.’
‘Tomorrow, you’re going to the Mutigizar place and tell them that you done it yourself as a sacrifice to the gods.’
‘And if I don’t?’
‘Then you’ll find yourself without family or friends.’
‘Without family or friends. Yes my lord, if that is your will, then it will be done.’
‘Thank you. I knew I could reason with you. It’s your father’s side where you get this horrid spirit of yours.’
‘Lord Fisker, could I meditate now? I would love to go to church tonight.’
‘I will take you there myself. We leave at four.’
‘Thank you sir.’

Fox Council

Church, growing up, had always been the one place that Christophe never really had an interest in. He had begun to go as a way to prove he was a suitable candidate for Ioanna’s hand but now he had accepted a god as his own and felt obliged to go to church to pray for the god. It was the fox god and when he told his brothers, they mocked his intelligence and ability to lie. He was smarter than both of them and his ability to lie was better than they could even imagine. His mother had been angry but Lord Fisker pointed out that he himself went to church and this was a normal red thing to do.
Christophe entered the white stone building and passed the pews with the red cushions and went straight into the office of the Fox Council. He knocked three time and a man with face that looked to be about sixty but he was probably in his six hundreds looked up. He smiled at Christophe and Christophe came in. He had reversed his jacket back to the red side and even washed his hair. Most reds washed their hair four times a day but Christophe only washed it twice a day when he was going to church and could get by with washing it once.
The priest had a voice that was more on the tendor side and a bit nasally. ‘Close the door, if you please.’
Christophe closed the door and then sat back down and pulled back his hood. It had decided to rain that afternoon.
‘You have a question that weighs on you quite heavily, let me be the one to lift it.’
‘Thank you. I have a question for the Fox god.’
‘Is it better to lie to save an engagement or a career or is it better not to say anything at all?’
‘Why would you lie to save a career or engagement? The Fox God may ask for specifics.’
‘Specifics, huh? You won’t repeat this?’
‘Of course not,’ assured the priest.
‘A lot of people could get into some trouble if you repeat it to people.’
‘Of course not.’
‘Right well, I have been whipped by others such as my mother and brothers and then my lord suggested that I lie to the family my brother’s betrothed.’
‘I see. So you are to lie to the family of your brother’s betrothed about how you received your punishment.’
‘Right so do I tell the lie or do I ommit any statement?’
‘That is a choice you have to make.’
‘I have until tomorrow morning,’ said Christophe.
‘May I ask you a question?’ asked the priest.
‘What drew you to our church of Fox?’
‘I’m sorry?’
‘You wanted to join our church. You were talking of it.’
‘So why? Why not the Church of the Porcupine or the Church of Dragons?’
‘Foxes live underground, hunted by dogs but they’re always protrayed as the trickster. They’re always clever and always think of something. I am always in the same rut so maybe I aspire to get out of it.’
‘Same rut different path.’
‘Routine is inescapable. You can take any way of getting home but you’ll live on the same street. If you want to escape one routine, you swap it with another. In other words, if you do manage to leave this place, you’ll just go to another place and adopt another routine. Same rut, different path.’
‘I see.’
‘Now about your lie. A fox lies to benefit themselves or someone else but does the fox lie to avoid pain or to cause pain? Usually to avoid pain. This lie though, is not beneficial for anyone and therefore is of ill-faith. In this particular case, it would be wise to give yourself more time.’
‘Like how?’
‘Look to the Fox,’ said the priest, handing Christophe a copy of the holy book. “Look to the fox.’
‘Thank you.’


Christophe, Churches, Family Relationships, Foxes, Friendship, Taxi

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I live in California, US and I am currently 23 years old. I love to write a variety of topics usually dark and thoughtful, sometimes funny. I also write and draw four series of comics.

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