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Now that I am retired I find sometimes that when I awake in the mornings I seem to look back on my life and remember all sorts of experiences. Just had to put some of them down on paper.
Some will appreciate I hope.

Steam Trains.

Looking back in time I remember all sorts of experiences, One of which was the steam trains.
I recall that one day when I was only about 7 years old, I was with my father on the railway station for the first time waiting for the train to arrive. I can tell you that when the train appeared and got closer and closer my father had to hold my hand as I was simply scared stiff at the noise that it made and the size and steam made me think of some sort of dragon. As I grew older though I got to love the good old fashioned steam trains, to me they are the real trains.

On another trip I was with my grandmother, we were taking a journey from Wales to London to visit relatves. Being only 12 years old I had not learned about health and safety, and when we arrived at Kings Cross and had climbed out of the coach I decided to shut the door myself. But not thinking what I was doing I managed to shut the door on my thumb which was holding on to the doorway. Well what a calamity, I was rushed to hospital where they put my thumb in what seemed like soda water, then strapped me up and we went our merry way.
Ever since I have had one thumb a lot stronger than the other and I am able to pull my thumb back over my wrist with no pain at all.

Farmers eggs

When I was about 13 years in age I was sent every Sunday for a walk to fetch some fresh eggs from the local farmer.
On one of these days I was walking back home with a dozen eggs in a brown paper bag, where I had to pass a house with a boy twice my age leaning against his gate.
The boy was a bully and tried to grab the eggs by grabbing me, in the scuffle I punched him in the face with the hand that was holding the eggs. Of course the bag split and all of the eggs ran down his face, with this I ran home as fast as my legs would carry me.
When I got home I was expecting to be shouted at, but instead I was told " Well done lad, but next time don`t use eggs" .

Cash Machine.

Ten years ago I went into town and had to get some cash from the cash machine. I put my card into the slot, put in my pin number and £50 came peeping out. I was too slow in putting my card back into my wallet, the machine sucked the money back in and I was left with nothing. Already embarrassed I had to go into the bank to claim my money back, The staff gave me a hard time wanting proof of my identity.

I always carry I D now and always grab the money before putting my card away.

Car Breakdown

Once I worked for a breakdown car service and was called to a motorway service station.
When I got there, the car I was to look at had smoke coming from beneath the bonnet. The young lady driver had locked the bonnet and the car so I was unable to get to the engine. To make matters worse the driver was in tears sitting in the services cafe and it took me ages to get the car keys off her.
Eventually I was able to find the cause of the smoke, She had put water where you are supposed to put the oil. The water radiator itself was empty, and her car was now not able to be driven. I had to transport her to a garage.

I think that everyone should be shown the basic information about the car when they first start driving.

Head Chef.

For many years I was a chef and head chef throughout many good sized hotels throughout the country.
One day we were very busy and under stress one lunch time and needed some lettuce washing. Without thinking I asked one of the trainees to do the job as I thought this would be simple enough for anyone with a little common sense. To my amazement when asking for the lettuce I found it all limp and bruised. The young lad had washed them in boiling water. I blame myself for not explaining properly. Mind you they were clean, and I look back on this with a little smile.

Another time I was gutting a trout and managed to cut the tip off the end of my fore finger. At the time I was near the sinks and actually saw the tip fly in the air and land in the sink and then disappear down the plug hole.
I was taken to hospital were they cut a little flesh from my fore arm and grafted it on to my finger. It was an excellent finish.

The Old Times.

Now looking back in time I remember all sorts of things, too many to recall, but here are just a few.

Going for a lads night out with 10 shillings having a good time, and on the way home buying some fish and chips and still had change when I got home.
Radio`s that ran on valves. and took ages to tune.
Televisions that when you turned them off, always produced a little white dot in the middle of the screen.
Coal fires that you could light with a gas poker.
Bottles of milk with the top third that was thick cream.
The cars that the gear lever situated behind the steering wheel.
You never had an advert on the television or radio that referred to ladies or gents very personal parts.
The mods and the rockers, with scooters and motor bikes.
Telephone kiosks that had an A and B button and you had to dial the number and not press buttons like you today.
All families sat down together every Sunday for their Sunday lunch,and did not sit down in front of the television with their meal on their lap at anytime at all.
The washing was done by a scrubbing board, boiler and mangle, basically by hand, no such thing as a washing machine. All the drying was done on a washing line as there was no clothes dryers. You would use a clothes horse in bad weather.
It took weeks to travel from England to Australia, The world seemed a much larger planet then.
Fewer people would go abroad for their holidays, instead they would go to their local seaside resort.
The above are just a few of the many changes, some are for the better but I`m afraid there is quite a lot that is not. I expect that in time what is going on today will be the future history, again some will be good and some not so good.

Maurice G

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I am retired, have worked in the leisure industry for abpout 40 tears, I am married with 2 grown up biproducts.
In this trade I have met peoples from all over the world !

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author avatar Retired
9th Feb 2013 (#)

this is a wonderful reverie

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author avatar Delicia Powers
9th Feb 2013 (#)

Wonderful!- memories are my favorite kind of history... the everyday, the kind that forge the foundation we built our lives upon....many thanks I really enjoyed this page Maurice!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Feb 2013 (#)

A lovely share, Maurice. We can go back and forth in a jiffy right through our life memories. Some of them are sweet indeed and we feel sorry for the young that their lifestyles are so rushed with only fleeting attention span siva

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author avatar Kingwell
13th Feb 2013 (#)

A very good share. I too am retired and like to think of those long ago days and the simple fun.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Mar 2013 (#)

what a wonderful share Maurice...so enjoyed your reminisces and pictures too

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