Looking Past her Head Scarf

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Having followed ISIS in the media, I had very pessimistic views on Muslims, but then I met someone who changed my whole perspective. Not just a Muslim, but my friend.

Looking Past her Head Scarf

Following all the ISIS propaganda, all I felt for Muslims was nothing but hatred and slander. The media feeding my mind with negativity, all I craved in life was tranquility, yet all Muslims offered was hostility; those were my conspicuous views.

I believe we are souls, our bodies just canvasses that we use to express ourselves, yet she walks into my life with nothing but a headscarf. I see no soul, I am blinded by her religion.

Her warm personality dancing around me, my face saying one thing, my mind thinking another, I begin to doubt myself, she is a human being, not just a culture.
The realisation that I was wrong didn’t take long, my pessimistic views exterminated; my new found understanding exhilarated, special friendships were soon created.

Her personality is infectious; her humour hilarious, when I’m around her she sends me delirious. She has welcomed my miscellaneous personality, and accepted my flaws, and even with no filter and lack of remorse, she still stands by me with integrity.

Her faith is a huge part of her life, so I probe her with questions constantly; I almost pry, but friendships work two ways, so just for her I will try. The adverse views on Islam I very baldly presented were very judgemental, and very detrimental, yet she has turned my shallow mind into an open ocean, putting the world before herself, so inspirational.

As our friendship blossomed, our trust flourished, our conversations had more depth and behind our pretentious smiles, we began to open up more, revealing that our lives were not all that rosy after all. Exposing my darker side, a place where only a handful of people had ventured, I let her in. revealing that I was a shrub, not the tree I so confidently portrayed; I thought she understood, yet she told my secrets, leaving me hurt and feeling betrayed.

We both offended the other, she broke my trust, yet I mocked her religion, so going forward we were more aware of the boundaries, we just had to learn to adjust.
Channelling contrasting personalities, we should collide, but surprisingly they coincide. We thrive from each other, and for those who don’t understand why, that’s your problem not ours, it’s not something we have to clarify.

Trekking together through fields of uncertainty, we both convince the other that we are strong, if we fall down a ditch, we climb out fighting, we are bark with bite, both looking to make our lives right. A pair of grass hoppers, hopping from doubt to doubt, relying on the other for reassurance, both receiving it in abundance.

She is a beautiful person inside out, she needs to believe in herself more, stop being a weed and be the sunflower Allah wants you to be, you are significant, so strong, so resilient.

I’m no longer blind; she has one of the most colourful souls I have ever seen, its ineffable, her spirit indestructible and her personality so lovable.

She is not just a Muslim, but she is my friend.


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
12th Feb 2016 (#)

My wife comes from a Muslim family, we have been married for more than thirty years and have to say that you are discovering now what I have known for many a year. The majority in the Islamic faith simply want the same as anyone else to live in peace and provide for their children. Many are persecuted in their homelands by people like ISIS and have to run to a foreign land where the persecution continues.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
13th Feb 2016 (#)

Well said Peter B. After all we all are human being with different views and looks. God made us different on purpose to test if we are obedient or not !

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