Looking out for my granddad

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A very simple poem, childlike maybe, but there is a deeper message embedded into the post. It seems that both the people in this post can’t openly except or show affection, but they do care. This could be because of many things, childhood trauma, past failures, personality proclivities or the anticipation of being hurt. So simple things are not always that simple. Are they?

If we're good?

Cold and clear in darkness, stars shone down and some they flickered,
My granddad told me that they were once all good people on this earth,
Kind people that had done such nice things and helped where they could,
And they watch over us all with notebooks and write stuff if we’re good.

Couldn't show love

Granddad was a good man so he’s up there somewhere looking down,
He had a limp and rode a bike bringing live chickens home in a basket,
Made sure we always had a normal life, whatever he had he would share,
The nicest man I ever knew, so kind, couldn’t show love but he did care.

Just turn and walk away

Didn’t really have anyone else, the simplest of kindness warms my heart,
I sometimes take kindness for love but that will never be as I can’t return it,
Can talk to a group but never speak one on one just never know what to say,
If some lovely person wants to be my friend, I just turn and walk away.

If a star twinkles brighter

So even as old as I am now, always look to see if a star twinkles brighter,
And for hours sometimes I scan the heavens and look for a secret sign,
There are billions of them and it’s hard to remember which ones I’ve seen,
Carry on looking, now at small ones, just in case I missed one in between.


The fear of showing kindness is as near as some people can get to intimacy. Children who have suffered rejection close down when a person gets close. Although some have to rely on others they stand away from that person as a coping mechanism. It does not mean that there is no love shared between these two people, in fact it’s quite the opposite. They have both been hurt in their past and are afraid to be hurt again.

The pictures have been posted from my own collection.

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author avatar Terry Trainor
20th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks Steve.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
22nd Dec 2014 (#)

Sadly this is so true of many today , Terry .
Many are very good at hiding behind masks that only a few are even aware exist.
Thank you for bringing back your excellent words .
Many blessings
Stella ><

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Dec 2014 (#)

Poignant poem and thoughts, thanks Terry. These apply to countries too though we are all human and 99% eke out a living that does not come easy. Politics divides humanity. We are from the same source and when we see others different, we reject our Creator too.

Earlier times, parents showed little emotion - children were seen not heard - as they suppressed them. But love and compassion was always present in most - siva

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