Lord of the Rings...Frodo's nightmare Journey to Enlightenment

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The Lord of the Rings is an amazing epic. It shows how friendship is so important when we as did Frodo and Sam go on the journeys of our life. JRR Tolkien grew up in mid=England just as I did and the beauty of the shire can be seen in Warwickshire. Enjoy this....

On Taking the Ring

Never did he know
When first the ring he took

What lay ahead for him
And what this all could mean

A journey fraught with danger
An adventure so it seemed
A fellowship of epic proportions

Thus was deemed

Total Purity

When first Gandalf the Wizard
In Frodo he did see
What others never knew about
A total purity

The ring so often had it
Bewitched and changed

The goodness in all
In contact it came

Even those who stood tall
Knowing themselves

Unable were they to withstand
The evil of the One ring

Fellowship of the Ring

Then Gandalf a wizard sublime
With others of a similar kind
Whose hearts where loving dwelled
In Fellowship they came

The Ranger Aragorn noble was he
Legolas an elf of such purity
The dwarf Gimli small in stature
Large in heart

These they came in Fellowship

Members of the Fellowship

True in nature too
Merry and Pippin of the Shire

Loving fun and mischief yes
But courageous when called upon

Last but not least Frodo's gardener
SamWise Gangee was his name

Loyal to the very end
Always supporting his master
Become he did a true friend

An Epic Tale

Many others do we find
In this epic tale of fierce domain
Good and evil
Just as today this battle goes on

Those seeking power no matter how
Destroying all to get their goal
And those of peace who will find
That in the end
The good will win

to be continued....


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

Well, surprise, surprise. How appropriate to read this just now, because Carol and I are about to go out the door to see "The Hobbit". Great post, as always, cnwriter. Thank you.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

that is another incredible film...i loved it, enjoy!

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author avatar M G Singh
3rd Jan 2013 (#)

As always a wonderful post

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
3rd Jan 2013 (#)

thank you Madan...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Jan 2013 (#)

The evil always out there to take advantage of the good, make them look over their shoulders all the time. Heaven and hell are terrible twins in a way in this life! Thanks Carolina for this share - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
3rd Jan 2013 (#)

thank you for the comment dear Siva...

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author avatar Carol
6th Jan 2013 (#)

What a wonderful review, and so beautifully illustrated!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
6th Jan 2013 (#)

thank you Carol...happy healthy 2013 !

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author avatar Judy Ellen
23rd Mar 2013 (#)

This is another beautiful masterpiece!! I just watched the Lord of the Rings last week!! Thanks Carolina!!!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Mar 2013 (#)

and thank you too Judy...what a wonderful film it was and how incredible Tolkien...

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