Lost And Found

Mandy Buffington By Mandy Buffington, 1st Dec 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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2010 November Chapbook Challenge Day 18- Lost and Found poem

Lost And Found

I feel so lost,
I feel so confused,
They all wash over me through and through,
I want to know love,
I want to know peace,
I want to know that joy,
The joy I have known before,
I stand at a crossroads,
Never thought it be like this,
Never pictured my life to become this,
I have gone through my moments,
I have had my hard times,
I have had times where it seemed dark and gray,
But I still had hope,
I still had belief,
I still had a peace that couldn’t be touched,
Even when I felt broken hearted before,
But this is different,
This tune doesn’t seem the same,
It seemed so much easier,
Even months ago,
Even with the other issues going on,
Than all the sudden,
The happiness was gone,
And I was left wondering,
What was wrong?
What has happened?
To what I thought was a perfect thing,
Realizing that I had been in the dark,
And now I am lost,
I am lost,
And at a crossroads,
Something more,
Wanting a simple I love you,
Wanting a simple emotion,
A simple care,
Just something to show me,
Something more,
Just a hand held,
Just a hug,
Just something more,
I want to be found,
Found again,
Found so deep in love,
In being,
In emotion,
In hope,
In dreams,
I want it all,
I don’t want to settle,
I don’t want the depression,
I don’t want to feel any never can happen,
But only it’s just a matter of time now,
Just want something more,
I need it,
I crave it,
I desire it,
Even if I might not always speak it,
Moments seem so dark,
Just want a ray of light,
Just need it now my dear,
Don’t let me lose this,
Don’t let me lose anything,
Take me up now,
Hold me close,
Say those words,
Bring me back,
To that peace,
To that hope,
To that love,
To everything again.


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author avatar Mandy Buffington
Mandy Buffington is a Masters in Business Management graduate. She has a chapbook published called Love, Unwrapped by Writing Knights.

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