Lost Boots

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The one time I decide not to go barefoot is the one time I lose my boots.

Lost Boots

No matter the weather when living out on the farm I always enjoyed going barefoot. The only time I would wear shoes or boots was at school, church or going to a neighbors home. If I had a chance to take my shoes off I would but most of the time I had to leave them on. When I was at the farm I would be barefoot all the time. The only time my parents insisted that I wear shoes was during mowing. The rest of the time I was barefoot, I loved the feel of the grass on my feet and just felt so free.
One morning after it had rained I had gone out to the barnyard and was going to check on something for my father. I had not realized how much it had rained until I climbed over the fence and jumped down onto the ground in the barnyard.
I sunk down into the mud and it came up over and into my boots making my feet all muddy. Grabbing onto the fence I tried to pull myself out, but I was stuck fast. No matter how hard I pulled my boots would not free themselves from the mud around them. Finally the only thing that I could do was to take my feet out of my boots and jump onto the fence. Straddling the fence I looked at the muddy spot where my boots were now buried. There was nothing more that I could do, so I ran back to the farmhouse and went inside. My mother saw that I did not have my boots on and asked me where they were. I explained what had happened and we went shopping for another pair of boots, but I did learn not jump into the barnyard after it has rained.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Jul 2013 (#)

well goodbye to boots...hope you got a great replacement pair!!!

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author avatar Ellen
31st Jul 2013 (#)

yes I did, a red pair, red means to stop before I decide to jump into a big mud hole again. lol.

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