Lost County

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The land lost with time, the land forgotten by kind, the land accessible to none. The journey of truth and discovery of oneself. Those who been there knows Ghibli.

The Sky

By the river I shall proclaim my territory
As the clouds sways away carrying the castle of sky
Under them are the valley of flowers
Where lost are drifted by its grace

Around the bank

The gentle river whose sprinkles soothes the humble grass
The trees bulked by vines are hub for juicy nectar
On whose the comb of bees cherishes honey

Under the waterfall

As I hover far I could look at the hidden coves under the fall of water
Inside it was the magnificent lake
In which swam the incredible being
There are the colored crystal and luminous flora n fauna
Living in harmony chanting the spells of living

Another entrance

To other side of it, is the gate for another realm
where those who pass are purified
Where rainbow slides from blossomed petals
heavenly fields and humongous birds skit

Musical myst

As I wander ahead I could hear the melody
of the enchanting beings I couldn't see
In a sense I could feel them around
the dancing spores lift from thee

Searching the unknown

In the secret garden
under the vibrant sky,
on the flower bed
at the sparkling stream,
There lies the small shack
inside which lives the old hermit,
who holds the answer to all the secret
both of past and the future

The gateway

The hermit opens the door
of the hidden basement

In which one may find
treasure of eternity

It is the portal to happiness
greatest ambitions and absolute truth


Those who enter it
lives forever
those who stay back
are lost in time
But those who return to home
dream forever

Making Mind

To my dismay the gate opens only once
If I enter I might never leave
If I stay I might never enter
If I go back I might never return


Knowledge, immortality or Hope
The decision was tough yet to return I chose
I can give away life and wisdom
but I can shall never lose my hope


To my decision I say
I woke up from the sleep,
surprising as it may seem
I was watching a fabulous dream,
I wonder whether it was true
or just another fantasy tour,
Did I had a lucid dream
or was it the way back from realm ?


I wondered and wondered
I thought and thought
finally i decided to stop,
I grabbed a pen and paper
I started writing all the matter,
I wrote the story, I wrote the ballad
I shared it with people all I got,

I still hope to visit the distant land again
not in my dream but after life maybe
And chose the enter the door
and learn the truth of all it is to be


Calm, Garden, Ghibli, Hope, Lake, Meadows, Nature, Poem On Nature, Sky

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author avatar Zeldash
I like nature , animals and the landscapes. I try to understand the true meaning of life which reflects in my works.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
4th Aug 2013 (#)

Beautifully amazing...

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author avatar Zeldash
4th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank-you Delicia

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