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The following poems reflect on rejection, loss, and finally finding oneself. I hope you enjoy them.


Have you ever loved someone who didn't love you back? If you have you will know how awful you feel when you are caught in this situation.


Don't look at me that way
Your eyes a merciless glacier
Icy blue, devoid of warmth
That blank stare looking past me
As if I was not there
What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see me?
Do you know that I am there?
Who took away the spark
of humanity within you?
Numbing your senses
draining your lifeline
perforating your soul
Who crushed your spirit?
and left you wanting
These answers I may never know
Don't look at me that way
I am here; I will stay

Losing you my biggest regret

I was listening to the story of a friend of mine who divorced but no matter how he tried he was not granted access to see his children. When his son grew up he refused to see his father, but the daughter eventually came around and now enjoys the company of his grandchildren.

Losing You was My Biggest Regret

When she ripped you out from within my arms
I was denied your sweet charms
My smile became a permanent frown
Turning your world upside down
Forbidden to see each other again
Denying you of your best friend
I walked this world a lonely man
Wondering where this hell began
What horrible thing did I do?
To cause the pain of losing you
I understood she cared no more
But to hurt me to my very core?
She said the time to talk had passed
These few minutes with you would be my last
She kicked me out and slammed the door
I could not see you anymore
My world that day was ripped apart
Just like the way she bruised my heart
The cruelest thing that she could do
Was to keep me away from you
Your childhood was robbed from me
Building sandcastles and swimming in the sea
Riding horses and throwing ball
It was so hard to miss it all
I did not see you graduate
I could not advise you on choosing a mate
You became a man and you did marry
Despite the guilt that I still carry
A greater man than I you became
While I still hold my head in shame
I was not there to see you grow
But there is one thing I want you to know
Being a good husband I could not do
Yet, I was a damn good father to you
I know her needs were not always met
But losing you was my biggest regret

I am From

This poem is a personal poem and if you remember the 42days of writing series where I published a lot of creative writing. This poem was an exercise to find our true selves in poetry.

I Am From

I am from
The cozy comfort of a warm inviting womb
Taking my first breath of life
In a large white hospital room

I am from a broken home living in abject poverty
There were no promises of a brighter tomorrow
For my grandmother and me

From my humble beginnings a beautiful flower did grow
A child of the universe flourished
In this land of ice and snow

In Montreal I have lived my whole life through
Many trials and tribulations
Dreams and aspirations too

The dark years are behind me of this I always knew
For I found my voice in writing
Like many people do

My heart cries out to touch another human soul
Once remembering that I was so lonely
Now God's spirit made me whole

I climb the highest mountain, soar the wondrous sky
My words reach out to many
Like the wind they will fly

If I make but one person happy with the words that I write
I will be thankful for all my blessings
God, the universe, and his precious light

All photos taken from the public domain
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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Jun 2015 (#)

Nope, have always been loved back but few bitches of the first order decided to tear us apart for sexual eulogies to beyond the grave where down under spoke more than the beautiful love in heart. I am not going to say much but it resulted in hacking and death threats with criminal entreaties to trace and kill me, so I went into hiding and feel I am better off that way to the rest of the world. These people even used the accounts to create liberties of privacy invasion and destruction of others lives by defamation and malicious vile use of life and name amounting to harassment and threat to life. It is now a police case as it started with a gift left without a senders name, to an untold address, hackings of three accounts and utilities along with destroying of life, love and family.
Unacceptable by any means. And sadly these characters like swines with demons in them love doing it over and over again.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Jun 2015 (#)

And tell lies.

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