Love Excelled: A Poem

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We learn a lot, by giving to others
That's love exposed, not under cover

Out in the open, where it belongs
Love is a gift, from our innards it spawns.....


Divine Love

Poetry : Love excelled

Some people wonder, what love really is...

Love is giving..

like God is forgiving...

The reason I'm talking, about love is this
God is our father, in heavenly bliss

But heavenly bliss, is not far at all
God’s powerful love, permeates all

He loves us so much, nothing compares
I feel it within, it brings me to tears

We learn a lot, by giving to others
That's love exposed, not under cover

Out in the open, where it belongs
Love is a gift, from our innards it spawns

In truth I can easily, write about anything
Because words in my mind, structure my sentencing

But my love is for pleasantness
So ill make that my emphasis

Undoubtedly, it fills the emptiness
Like rain falling, fills a crevices

I can fill you up with goodness, all day long
It'll get to the point, where you're singing along

Our hearts will rejoice, over the simplicity of being
Elevating our souls, right through the ceiling

Developing our spiritual self, is a journey at least
But it is not reserved exclusively, for the high priest

Every human being, owes love to its soul
If life you wish to, pleasantly control

We should make it, a strong obligation
And at last this is, the proper application

Take it from those, who have been through so much
Yet still have a smile, because they did not budge

Insistent on staying, positive all the time
It's important to rejoice, like the sun shines

Pleasantness and love, go hand in hand
Love is pleasant, we should expand -

Our knowledge of love, because it will transform us
like roses that sprout, it's beauty is enormous

This poem is about life, in its purest form
Bringing back, what was once the norm

Why do we push away, God's greatest freebie
And fill in the void, with pettiness.. that's greedy

We need to strengthen each other, every way that we can
If I've found love in this world, ill track back to where it began

Because not long ago, I was entrenched in vacuity
What bright light, could have illuminated my cruelty

There was only one radiance, there always is
God Himself is this, with a Divine kiss

We need to bring back, the love God intended
The fact is, we all have the choice to transcend it

The emotions I'm feeling, are so strong and real
I'd share some love with you, so that you can feel

The pleasantness of a life in love, is so worth the investment
Please begin to heal yourself, and stop the resentment

There's enough love for everyone, to equally partake
There's no need to distance yourself, nothing’s at stake

Love is a guarantee, to all those who engage
Feelings of passion, will dominate your rage

You will begin to live, in a world of expression
Like poetry at it's finest, love answers all questions

twisting around, like a funny clown
Love has the power, to turn things around

Here's another example, of up vs down
It'll get rid of, the most serious frown

This isn't wordplay, like I play with words
Words play with me, more than I play birds

Birds we can learn from, because they live so free
They fly from pole, to house, to tree

There's never a moment, they are pissed off or mad
Perhaps we can incorporate that, into our pad

Write it down, until it becomes you
Reminding yourself, each time you are blue

Blue is a word, to describe mild depression
But with love of God, we have a connection

Connection to God, is the key to our freedom
We need it so much, ill give you a reason

Despair is the gross feeling, of complete loss of hope
Allowing our evil inclination, to restrain us and choke

But a connection to God, wipes all that out
God Himself IS hope, there's no need to shout

He's not just a savior, He's the only preventer -
From bad things to happen, you need to remember

Relying on God, is what got us through -
The hardest of times, and with that we grew

His ways are unfathomable, it cannot be explained
I guess some things in words, cannot be contained

These are things, that need to be felt
That's why I spoke about, love excelled

Love is a feeling, only understood once experienced
But giving is what triggers it, so acceptance is upon the recipient

As you can see, love goes both ways
If no one would listen, this poem is a waste

As one song, made it quite perceiving
"I give to you, but you give to me you're receiving"

In this way, we consciously grow together
In a world that's giving, and love that lasts forever

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Mar 2015 (#)

Inspiring share. The whole creation is about love and nature is the embodiment of love. We should read the writing on the wall to add to the whole - siva

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