Love For Kids And Creation

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The love for creation and kids has driven me to write this piece.

For The Love Of The Children

Come together all as one,

Pretend not, that they are not there; the kids,

They are there, alright,

They roam the streets, the residential areas, the galleys, the garbage heaps and your door step,

Yes they are; the kids!

What they do is not their wish but yours and mine,

They come in all gestures and yet I and you never notice,

You and I say ‘ignorance is an obstacle to development’,

Ignore them and you are blocking development,

All what they need is what you and I have,

Give them love and they will reciprocate with appreciation,

Give them security and you too will be secure!

Let us stop curing malaria and kill the mosquitoes instead,

Responsibility is the eradicating factor,

Responsibility towards the ideal humanity,

Humanity is not private neither is it an individual treasure,

Be wise and broad and accommodate them-the kids,

Take one home – the kid- show you care,

Give them a sense of belonging.

You and I participated in their plight,

Let us do the same, participate,

Don’t give them a bob to buy glue, gum, drugs…

Give them what they really want; hope,

Food, shelter, clothing and above all, education,

Give them the skills and they will appreciate your worth.

They hate you not because you hate them,

They bother you not because you are you,

We al know their potentials, so let us help them realise them,

Let us not shed crocodile tears for their plight-the kids,

Let us be happy together with them through social reconciliation,

Let us not discourage their reforming potential,

Show them they are part of us,

They are really us!

At your age, how many have you helped? Just confess,

Am sure at individual level; none,

Can you join them if you can’t beat them?

If you care, take one out today,

Take them to those joints, those places reserved for you and your cronies,

Take their hand down the street, their home…

Buy those snacks and soft drinks…

Take them back in your posh car, to their home; the street,

Boast to us that you bought them a pair of shoes, trousers…

We sure will follow your example and hug them!

That day you were unfaithful to your spouse,

It happened,

You increased their population- the kids,

Maybe you are too fast to forget, am here to remind you!

I did not see or meet you but you saw yourself,

You look respectable; so be that way!

The street kids are not the major problem,

The major problem is the reasonable of the society,

They never reason to their favour- the kids,

Words like vagrancy and delinquent could be unheard of,

…in fact erased from all literature materials except this,

Let’s be of the old, let us make them belong to all of us,

Let us accept our failures in part of our reasoning and responsibilities,

You and I have seen the light, so to them we should shine,

The light from ignorance, illiteracy, prejudice…

Let us create that harmony…and let it be the umbrella,

The guiding factor to happiness and unending togetherness!

Bring suggestions, accept I will,

But mine remains on the centrally,

Let’s leave the street children to their father, mothers, themselves you say,

Yes, that’s the best solution to the problem,

Let us do it I agree,

But know that you are the father, mother to them,

The street children,

Do not leave them out there in the cold,

Let us take them home for that heart warming reconciliation!

Show them the first love,

Show them that you care,

Care and love is what societies are made of,

Do not leave them out there in the middle of the night,

Yes, they are worth the concern, love, care…

For little do they know the name you give them,

The street kids, urchins, vagrants, delinquents…name it,

Like you, they are Gods wonderful creation.


Crocodile, Kids, Life, Love, Major Problem, Plight, Reasoning, Reconciliation, Social Development

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Will give them a try. Thanks

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
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camily, this is an excellent poem with many lovely ideas and a great message.

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author avatar Denise O
9th Jul 2011 (#)

When will people stop and understand, we are all each others keeper. Each time someone turns their eyes on the kids from the street, society sheds another tear. A great message my friend. Thank you for sharing.:)

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