"Love Story" Stars- Reunite.

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Pondering the mind. How a mere click on the internet can discharge a volley of memories.

Forgotten memories.

The news of the reunion of two stars from yester years evoked a memory in my life.
Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw costarred in the epic movie “The Love Story” based on the book with the same title. A while after the movie had been released; I had gone to a library. It was my first time there. I walked up to the reception counter and asked the lady behind the desk to help me find that book. She was very unfriendly and made some scathing comments on that book. Being somewhat timid by nature, I backed off and sought help elsewhere. I continued to visit the library and became a member later on. Time went by, and I encountered her quite a few times. We went from cautiously avoiding each other, to a perfunctory hello during those encounters.
A few years later, I heard that she was due to retire. By that time, we had set aside our first encounter and moved on to exchanging a few sentences. I assumed that she had probably forgotten the first episode, but it had set an impression on my mind. One day, as I was checking out some books, she walked over to me and told me that she was retiring the following week. I wished her the best in her retirement. She prolonged the conversation a bit. Then she said “I remember the first time I met you. You had come in looking for a book, “The Love Story”. At that time, I was living that story. Only, the roles were reversed. I had just lost my young son, who had been married for a short time to his lovely bride. She came from a wealthy family. My son climbed the ladder the hard way. But that did not stop either of them to be very much in love with each other. I was very angry with everything .Over the years, I have learnt to make my peace. But in those days, the mere mention of that book or movie had me going. I am sorry for the way I treated you that day.” She then walked away. I stood there, dumb fold. Even my thoughts paused for a moment.
I reflected on that episode as I left the library. I had thought she was a nasty lady. But she had gone through some heartbreaking situations in her life, triggered to action by the mere mention of a title. I don’t carry the memories of every rude sales clerk or receptionist in my life, but that was an exceptional circumstance. At that time I was a new fledgling in the area, looking to make some nice contacts and build happy memories. That was crushed due to no fault of mine. Yet, on the same day, it had left an equally inerasable memory in her life as well. I was glad that both of us had looked past that episode and moved on, but I was gladder still, that she finally took the time, and strength to clear it up, because it must have haunted her more than it did me.
Human memory works in such an un-understandable way. This had happened so many years ago, yet all it took was a click on the internet to release the memories. What I took from all these episodes, linked together, is not to jump to conclusions. If someone is unreasonably unkind, it may be worthwhile to give them the benefit of doubt and move on. I don’t by any means advocate martyrdom. But it is certainly better to let go of some burdens in life than to carry their weight for long.


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