Love Turned To Hate

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Love Turned to Hate is a poem that I wrote that is based on my own personal life.

Love Turned to Hate

I lay awake all through the night,
Thinking how nothing ever goes right,
How everything turns into a fight,
How happiness is close in sight.

He doesn't love me,
That much I can see,
But he will never let me,
Ever be free.

His heart belongs to another,
It's buried six feet under,
His first three children's mother,
The one he will love forever.

It's much to late,
I can no longer wait,
The love I had for him has turned to hate,
This isn't my destiny nor my fate.

I can't live like this,
Every word hits like a fist,
I have just one wish,
My dreams fade into the mist.

I must find a way,
I can no longer stay,
Every night every day,
My mind must listen to what the heart has to say.


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author avatar Stormy Dawn
Mother of 4 and currently a college student working on my associate degree in applied science in medical assisting. Most of my writing will focus on love and poetry.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
30th Sep 2016 (#)

Well, men do grieve for their loved ones who are not with them. They have their choices and sometimes having a girl by their side, no offense to you as you are a college chick, is just a game wherein 15 minutes of pleasure and a night in bed is just a commonality wherein avoidance kicks in.
Not unusual, you just were too easy for the man. You lost respect in his eyes.

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author avatar Stormy Dawn
3rd Oct 2016 (#)

Nice thought, but we have been together for the past 22 years, and since I did not state this in the poem, I will disregard your ignorance of you calling me easy.

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author avatar AshleyMobleyAuthor
26th Jan 2017 (#)

As her eldest daughter, I can say, she isn't easy. She has been with the man since i was around 4 months old and I am now 23, that is over 22 years. He loved her, but he never has been able to let his first love go. She passed away 27 years ago during child birth. Saying something as crude as her being easy is a bit ignorant I would say. As for men and the game of 15 minutes of pleasure, that isn't the case with them, seeing how they ain't even slept in the same bed since 2007 and he still wont let her go

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